Info Parameter Reference & SceneDef Parameter Reference (Story) (Read 1606 times)

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Info Parameter Reference & SceneDef Parameter Reference (Story)
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Info Parameter Reference

Optional parameters:
localcoord = width, height (int, int)
This specifies the drawing canvas dimensions in pixels. If the canvas dimensions do not match the window resolution, it will be scaled to fit. Defaults to 320,240 if omitted.

Scene Def Parameter Reference

Required parameters:
spr = filename (string)
This is the filename of the sprite (.sff) file to use in the storyboard.

Optional parameters:
snd = filename (string)
This is the name of the sound (.snd) file to use in the storyboard.

fontX = filename (string)
This set of parameters loads up to 10 fonts for use in the storyboard. You can specify multiple font files, using X as the font number. X is valid for values from 0 to 9. Font files are first searched for within the same directory as the storyboard def file. If the font named filename cannot be loaded from that directory, the engine will attempt to load it from the font/ directory instead.

startscene = scene_number (int)
This parameter is used mainly for testing purposes. If specified, the first scene_number scenes will be skipped. Valid values are from 0 to the total number of scenes minus 1. If omitted, defaults to 0.
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