Getting Started Cutscenes Events (Story) (Read 2085 times)

Started by JustNoPoint, November 01, 2015, 04:23:56 PM
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Getting Started Cutscenes Events (Story)
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There are several global events when cutscenes may be played. The storyboards for these cutscenes are defined in system.def, and applies to all characters within the game. The cutscenes in this set are called the "system cutscenes".

Game Logo
Played back once when you start M.U.G.E.N.

Game Intro
Played back after the Game Logo.

Default Ending
Played back after you beat the game with a character that does not have a user-defined ending.

Played back after the ending cutscene.

Game Over
Played back if you choose "No" at the continue screen.

Another set of cutscenes is specific to each character, and is defined in each character's .def file. These are known as the "character cutscenes". For example, Kung Fu Man's character cutscenes are defined in chars/kfm/kfm.def.

Character Intro
Played back once after character selection in arcade mode.

Character Ending
Played back after beating the game in arcade mode. The default ending, where a generic congratulatory message is shown, will not be played back if this cutscene is defined.