Trying It Out (Story) (Read 1638 times)

Started by JustNoPoint, November 01, 2015, 04:27:59 PM
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Trying It Out (Story)
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At the command line, type:

mugen -r kfm

This will start the "KFM" motif (for more information on motifs, please read readme.txt). Right away, you will see the game logo, followed by the game intro. After the game intro ends, you will be at the title screen. If you start Arcade mode and choose Kung Fu Man, his character intro will be played, and then the fight begins. If you lose the fight and choose "No" at the continue screen, the game over cutscene is played and you are returned to the title screen. If you win, Kung Fu Man's character ending will be played, followed by the ending credits.

These are what each of the storyboard files are named in the KFM motif.

Game Logo data/kfm/logo.def
Game Intro data/kfm/intro.def
Default Ending (none)
Credits data/kfm/credits.def
Game Over data/kfm/gameover.def
Character Intro chars/kfm/intro.def
Character Ending chars/kfm/ending.def

The storyboard filenames for the system cutscenes are specified in data/kfm/system.def.