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Started by Sean Altly, January 25, 2021, 04:29:50 AM
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The game will have a 4 button layout, but I plan on being generous with command normals. There will be a throw button ala CvTW, and another button with as of yet unspecified usage. I will not be using universal chains or magic series. I'll be consulting with some people to try to create a balanced, more deliberate fighting system that focuses less on easy strings like in CvTW/SHADEs.

The game will revolve around the Offense/Defense system. This is something I really thought I'd come up with until it was pointed out to me that the game Rumble Fish already did it. However I've had my heart set on it for so long that I can't let it go.

There will be two meters, each with two sections. One is the Offense Meter and one is the Defense Meter. You would fill the offense meter by attacking, landing hits, or with continuous forward advancement. You'd fill the Defense Meter by guarding, performing counters/reversals, or with continuous backward movement.

The supers are called Offense Drives and Defense Drives. Offense Drives are done with a full Offense meter, while Defense Drives are done with a full Defense Meter. Offense Drives will usually do more damage, but will be riskier and less safe. Defense Drives will vary by character. They might be utility supers, anti-air supers, specific situational supers like a counter, or a very safe move with low risk.

Each character has a critical technique called a Maximum Over Drive (or M.O.D.). This move uses both Offense Meter and Defense Meter.

The offense meter can have two full stocks. One stock is used for EX moves, while both stocks are used for Offense Drives.

The defense meter can also have two full stocks. One stock is used for an Alpha Counter-style move while blocking. Two stocks are used for Defense Drives.

Ideas and Feedback Welcome! I'd like to add another use for each meter without completely ripping off Rumble Fish but I've been a bit blocked.

All my stuff is open source, you never need permission to use anything I make. Just have fun!