problem with portraits, local coords and size of chars ! (Read 1758 times)

Started by grabisoft, January 25, 2021, 02:59:51 AM
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problem with portraits, local coords and size of chars !
#1  January 25, 2021, 02:59:51 AM
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Hi so im using warzone screenpack and 99% of the time, whenever i add a new char, i have no problems whatsoever, creating a portrait to display in the select screen of characters.

Now i downloaded some new chars, name:


and whenever i edit it to add a different 9000,1 portrait.. the portrait doesnt display in the character selection, and if i chose second player, i can see the portrait, small.  but all the rest works fine as it should, char sprites in game and char icon in grid.

second player: i can see the protrait in miniature, i presume first player isnt visible because it just renders out of the screen with weird coordinates.

So i read somewhere that i had to disable localcoord = 1280,720  to ;localcoord = 1280,720 in the def file of the character.

Now the portrait works fine, but everything else is broken , because the character icon in the grid and the character in the fight, plus all his other sprites look gigantic.

Im pretty lost how can i solve this?

Do i have to resize all sprites of the character in fighter factory? that would be a nightmare. i just want the char to have the working portrait 9000,1 like all the rest of my chars. thank you

JUST A SMALL UPDATE, i decided to give my portraits an abnormally humungous size, increasing my portrait to a 400% size with photoshop. now it does look OK, but im not sure if this is the correct way of deal with this

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Re: problem with portraits, local coords and size of chars !
#2  January 25, 2021, 11:25:35 AM
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Yes, that is the correct way to fix it.

The character is using localcoord to resize itself because it uses very high resolution sprites (as it should).  So then, the portrait also needs to be a large size.  Default localcoord for characters is 320.  640 is x2 and 1280 is x4.

Fun fact: The y value in localcoord doesn't matter and doesn't do anything.  You can put "localcoord = 384, lol" and it works.
Re: problem with portraits, local coords and size of chars !
#3  January 27, 2021, 03:42:11 PM
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HI CSX's character is a real HD 720p character not fake one.

real 720p character (1280,720) have different standard

9000,0 need to be 100x100
9000,1 need to be 480,560

try that
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