Choose Your Opponent Screen possible in altered MUGEN 1.0 (Read 15965 times)

Started by inktrebuchet, December 11, 2020, 10:45:53 pm
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Choose Your Opponent Screen possible in altered MUGEN 1.0
New #1  December 11, 2020, 10:45:53 pm
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Please do not download this from anywhere besides here. Altered exe and bat files should only be downloaded from trusted sources.

This is just a proof of concept. Everything here is still very rough but I don't think I'll finish it since Ikemen is moving in this direction.

Here is an older clip of it working.

How it works:
I altered the mugen.exe file so that any AI players would be 2 players. That doesn't seem that great but if you want to put in a ton of work, you can make a 'Choose your opponent' screen by killing the player you don't want to face just before the match starts. This does involve coding most everything within roundstate 2 that mugen would normally do on it's own. And since you're already doing that, you can also have extra screens such 'judgement' AND 'grade screen' as seen in Street Fighter III.

This is a working example of that idea.

And here is the altered exe, if you would like to play with that by itself.

Unrelated, but there are some other features in this build. There is also a 'rank score' that SAVES your high score if you use/run 3S.bat to start the game, the 'rank scores are only visible if you beat the game(2 matches in this download). There is beginnings of a countdown continue screen too. This is why you'll find some extra odd code in the characters.

I hope you guys enjoy it, even if it won't be finished.
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