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Started by rgveda99, August 10, 2022, 03:27:31 am
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Project Sailor Stars Beyond
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Our mission is to provide new graphical content for coders of Mugen, Openbor, Unity, RPG maker or any fan game engine and create new quality Sailormoon fan games.  :book:

The main goal is to add new graphical quality content to Sailormoon Fan Videogames done in the 90's arcade style.

I am currently lead project manager. I currently 3 projects under my wing. If you are interested in being part of this great project or would like to see the content in advance just hop on over our Discord server.  :hyo:

Current Projects:

Mugen by Million Miles. (Custom KOF and MSH style)

Ikemen by AlexDX4. (Custom Street Fighter style)

Openbor by Shinmrgrill and Bloodbane. (Beat em up)

Support us also in our social media sites.

And streaming channels.
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I had read on Wikimoon, and I found it grotesque it was so wrong.
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