Attempting a Standard  (Read 16713 times)

Started by Mercykiller, March 15, 2004, 11:17:40 PM
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Re: Attempting a Standard
#61  March 11, 2005, 12:16:47 PM
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  • Tends to lose track of things a lot. :/
 Regarding custom animations:

For animations where it's not specified otherwise, are we to assume the axes are to be placed at the player's feet?
Oughtn't some of them perhaps have additional animations added, for the same animations but with axes at midsection and head, a la Elecbyte's gethits?
(Sorry if this was already answered before, but I didn't find it with a quick skim through this thread.)

 Regarding the attribute indicator anims:

I still think the groups ought to be spaced out more.  :P
And changing that now thusly would allow for switching to two big, widely spaced prime numbers as the indicator anims for the new standard.  8)
(Sorry, much too busy to deal with this kinda stuff now myself.)

 Regarding unused SysVars:

Well, that could cause problems if Elecbyte ever returns from out of the blue with new common states code.  If you're going to go ahead with that, it'd probably be best to mention it as a warning in each character's readme, so as to help alleviate confusion if it ends up causing any problems in the future.

In addition to that issue:

Some characters that already use sysvar(3) for whatever:
ActJapan's Athena03
pji111's CvS Kim
pji111's CvS Yuri
Orochi Herman's Kakyoin
Nobuyuki's Magneto
Orochi Herman's Orochi
R.B's R_Kyo
ihoo1836's Thin Nen
ihoo1836's Iori

Some characters that already use SysVar(4) for whatever:
Juan Carlos's Kagetsura
Nobuyuki's Magneto
Juan Carlos's May Lee
Orochi Herman's Orochi
R.B's R_Kyo
TERRA's Cheng
TERRA's Geese Howard

Some of ActJapan's characters (Gato03, Hinako, King03, Mai, Ralf, Yashiro) access their own and their partners' sysvar(4), but don't appear to set it anywhere (unless there's a sysvar(expression-which-evaluates-to-4) in there somewhere--I was too lazy to check for that).

I haven't found any characters that use any SysFVars.
Still quite busy.

(Yes, I intend to deal with that stuff eventually, but kinda can't just yet, sorry. :/ )