SS4 Limit Breaker Vegeta, Edit by D2TD (Read 930 times)

Started by D2TD, April 10, 2021, 12:25:20 AM
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SS4 Limit Breaker Vegeta, Edit by D2TD
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Re: SS4 Limit Breaker Vegeta, Edit by D2TD
#2  April 24, 2021, 05:45:15 PM
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  • The story begins with who's gonna win
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Honestly? Did you not read the colony policy?
That defines you as company property?
That waivers your say in autonomy?
The conglomerate’s got you in lock and key
We put the dollar back into idolatry
If you’re upset you can rent an apology
We are a family forged in bureaucracy
No I in ‘team’ but there’s con in ‘economy’
Were you expecting adventure?
Were you hoping for fun?
My friend you’re indentured
And pleasure’s exempt from your tenure
So venture back down to your slum
That's provided at generous prices
Your worth is determined by your sacrifices