Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char (Read 7462 times)

Started by wenchu, October 18, 2016, 03:13:55 AM
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Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#1  October 18, 2016, 03:13:55 AM
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This is the more vintage Admiral Marina. Walking at your pace hard to believe that concerned the fastest character in One Piece. Thanks to its fruit Devil lodge type, Pika Pika no Mi, his whole body is made of light, thus can move at the speed of light, concentrated amounts of bestial light a point to generate laser beams and much more . It has a lackadaisical attitude and irritating moments, something that has earned him the scorn of many fans. Total, that he does not care. Come and know that when you reach your goal, whatever is burst.

As for the gameplay, it is one of the most aggressive people from all over the roster of chars that we have scheduled. That is offset by having less physical stamina than most of the other characters. And it would be logical that few could do anything against him .... undoubtedly he has one of the most terrifying powers of the entire series.

We hope you will diviertam using the most DBZ style character can be found in One Piece

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Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#2  October 18, 2016, 04:55:35 AM
this is the best kizaru that  i've ever seen ,thank you for release
who is the next? aokiji?
Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#3  October 18, 2016, 05:04:06 AM
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Thanks for follow my chars.
Yes, next char wil be Aokiji, and then, Akainu ;)

see ya.
Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#4  October 18, 2016, 09:24:12 AM
Will you make 2 years later luffy  in the future?
Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#5  October 18, 2016, 10:19:51 AM
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I really do not know.

I really want to continue the project and expand all the time-skip characters ..... but unfortunately, a long time ago that I'm this, I'm a little tired, and I have no help from anyone. To make matters worse, people do not appreciate the characters that I do just because they are made with Gigant Battle game sprites. Users prefer incomplete chars, but made game sprites Grand Battle Colliseum.

At the moment, my mind is focused on finishing my 42 characters (is only two to finish), make some arrangements, and launch the full mugen.

after that, I'll see if I continue with time-skip chars.

a greeting.
Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#6  October 18, 2016, 12:36:34 PM
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Finally!!! I have been waiting for this character. nice work.  I have all your characters and they are the best I have seen. keep up the great work.

The level one supers mostly do only half the damage. please correct it.
Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#7  October 18, 2016, 01:03:50 PM
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I appreciate this more than you know.. It's really great, had I not been focused on doing my own thing, I definitely would like to make my own piece character. The sprites you are using now are the better choice. I agree though, as soon as you release something, it's literally "what's next", but entitlement is not the subject I wanted to discuss. I understand the language barrier, but I really want to help you guys out when/where I can. As for each individual character, you guys are doing a goodass job with what is available to you Sprite wise. My biggest concern here though, is.. I'm not sure anyone has ever actually given you feedback? Sure it's a bit rare here these days. I see you have a few loyal fans that post every now and then, but only to tell you how cool it is. Same thing on your main page. Who is your target audience? One piece fans? Fighting game fans? You have to be able to cater to both somewhat.  I've done a bit of testing it myself. A lot & I mean a lot of your characters have easy infinites. Nothing super impossible to fix. Minor tweaks/adjustments here and there. Projectile characters especially are nightmares. They can literally spam all day with almost zero recovery. I don't blame you for this one but... Supers have zero invincibility. Oh how annoying it is to get knocked out a lvl3 super given how long the animations actually are. Anywho.. Just because people aren't commenting on your stuff day in and out doesn't mean people aren't looking forward to this stuff. It often feel as though no one cares, & yes there are always those individuals only serving to meet their personal needs, need to learn to cater to yourself. Also do it for you, others only having the benefit of you wanting to share it with us. I had a blasttttt playing your stuff. I really want you to continue this because then I'm going to show all my friends and we are gonna play the hell outta it.

The 1st hour of this, your characters being played online. Hoping maybe you could do what I do and see what needs fixing from watching it yourself. Also it sounds stupidly obvious, but play your characters. I'm sure you may, but it's what single handedly has taught me.
I'll make more soon, I've already pm'd you about this. I may just pick up your Zoro and share my ideas with you. This has a lot of potential, even if it is chibi, still very fun.
Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#8  October 18, 2016, 08:16:21 PM
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ReixSeiryu, not if I understand everything, but try to answer.

as always I appreciate your support. The idea of ​​what I do is a fan game. I do not claim more than that. Well that the interaction of the characters made with sprites Gitant Battle with other CVS or KOF style, this is not possible, and therefore appreciate a little less. However, rather than several followers continue my work with enthusiasm, and that's why I keep doing it chars.

If you want to help us, what we have to do are a bit tedious tasks. Such as Aokiji or recolor Sanji sprite sheet. Sprites jobs are the hardest and understand that users do not cooperate with it. But if you want to help, just tell me private message.

with respect to the infinite combos, well that several characters can make infinite combos, if someone has some skill. Unfortunately the public playing One Piece Games, is not accustomed to traditional fighting games. That is why I try my characters are a little more forgiving in terms refers combos. Of course, I try not infinite can make when launching the final versions.

I respect what you raise the online game honestly do not understand.

a greeting.
Re: Kizaru Borsalino - One Piece Char
#9  October 18, 2016, 09:57:26 PM
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Been following your work for a long time now, thought you were doing great so never said anything.
So don't get discouraged because of the low response.
Just do things you like and what you believe in, it's a hobby after all.
It's about you being happy in the first place.