A.I. patches by Lillie's 音MADs  (Read 1949 times)

Started by LilliesMADs, November 04, 2019, 06:15:58 PM
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A.I. patches by Lillie's 音MADs
#1  November 04, 2019, 06:15:58 PM
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Please keep in mind. While I have no problem with you editing any of my AI patches, please at least credit me. I also ask you to not reupload the original character with any of my AI included. Be respectful to the original creator aswell, alright?


Hello all. I've been into MUGEN for quite a while. Starting this year, I was finally able to make my own content. For the most part, I've only done AI patches so far, though I am working on my own projects as of right now.

These AI patches are all intended for watch mode and might seem quite unfair to fight against as a human. They have also all been developed under Fast 6 and are intended for speeds around that area.

These are 4 out of 6 AI patches/slight edits I've made so far. A far better AI for Stocking by Shimmering Brony will be next to release - that one was actually my very first patch, which I'm fixing up right now. Might take a while, I'm very busy right now.

Below are summaries for the AIs that I wrote. Bare in mind that the ranking for these  is based on a little system that Guy Kazama made. Check it out here:

Perhaps these will get onto Saltybet one day, only time can tell.


Original creator: Knezovicz

Rank: Elite

Superarmor with few, but very damaging attacks. Has a hitbox in his jump, which he utilieses should his opponent be far away.
Will try to charge, then link that attack into his LP. Both the charge and LP can be linked into one another.
Occasionally spawns zombies, which increase in number if he's hit during it. Tends to use his hyper as soon as possible if the opponent is a bit away.
Bellyache's main strategy is to force his opponents into the corner to hit them for massive damage.
His main flaw comes in the fact, for every 5th hit he recives, he gets stunned for a brief moment. Hits are counted even if he's stunned, so an opponent can hit him again and again in this state.
Bellyache is espacilly weak to multihits due to this, multi-hitting projectiles only further this.
Bellyache needs to be close to cause serious damage, being backed into a corner himself can spell death for him.
While he is capable of taking on most of the higher tiers at least decently, he never quite reaches past Elite.

NOTE: The original download to Bellyache is gone. Reuploaded here:!rkMB1aKQ!OsqKfDxO48_xFoQwDRu2xg

Boss Airman:
Original creator: Gamerduck13

Rank: Overpowered

Cheap and overpowered superarmor. Acts as close to his appreance in Megaman 2 as I could make him.
Airman will jump twice, shoot tornados up to 3 times, then repeat. Hitting him causes the pattern to reset.
Airman's one and only attack is unblockable and does ludicros damage. It can take out a standard opponent in 3 hits, should all gusts connect.
The key for an AI to beat him is to hit him again and again to prevent him from ever attacking. Particularly fullscreens work wonders against him.
While not quite god tier, Airman can certainly obliberate a majority of fighters.

Also made a bunch of simple palettes for him, just for fun.

It's a Bully:
Original creator: FourthRhyme

Rank: ???

It's a Bully is a complete gimmick and it shows. I cannot put this guy in a tier.
Essiantly, whetever or not he can win heavily relies on what opponent he faces.
Bully has several severe weaknesses, such as the inability to run, jump or even block, but in return has huge advantages, in the form of unblockable normals and hugely overpowered hypers, one of which is also unblockable.
He also has a complete immunity to projectiles and, in fact, benefits from them.
For each that hits him, he can use one more of his own specials (even if all of them, safe for 2, are relatively useless).
If his opponent has something that can take advantage of his weaknesses, for example, normals with a wide range, Bully is done for.
If his opponents relies on projectiles, then he'll have no problem beating them.
Bully does manage to take most standard characters down, but as stated, how he handles each matchup relies on what his oppoenent has.
Also made to act exactly like an actual bully. As in, waits for you to get up only to beat you up more.

Original creator: aznperson569M

Rank: Above Avarage

A weaker patch that can still hold it's own fairly well. I'd consider him on the border beetween Above Avarage and Decent.
Relies on combos, particulary ones from his Super Jump. Blocks a lot but also uses his counter to lead into said combos.
Weak to throws, but has an unblockable Level 3 hyper that can turn the match.

I also recommand the Wario and Waluigi palettes for this character by TheShadowJester99.

Link to all of my patches:!n5EBXIba!b78tW65rMLrBLx8Me7To3w

Future patches will be released in this thread aswell, so keep an eye out for those incase you're interested.

Feedback is very apriciated. If there's something wrong with any of my patches, or you have a suggestion for one of them, feel free to tell.

Probaly decent at AI.
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Re: A.I. patches by Lillie's 音MADs
#2  November 04, 2019, 06:39:03 PM
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I just wanna get this out of the way now so I know how to deal with the thread in the future: are you looking to allow requests in your thread? People will probably ask regardless but we don’t technically allow it unless the author states it is ok.
Re: A.I. patches by Lillie's 音MADs
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Thanks for that suggestion, should put it in the OP. I think I'm going to pend beetween allowing requests and not allowing requests. Right now, I don't have much time, so I'l close them for now.
Probaly decent at AI.
Re: A.I. patches by Lillie's 音MADs
#4  November 14, 2019, 09:47:49 PM
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Ouch, I'm an idiot. Bellyache was missing a file and thus crashed the game. That has been fixed.
Probaly decent at AI.