Crimson Fighter MUGEN Full Game (Read 1217 times)

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Crimson Fighter MUGEN Full Game
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Hello! I Have Downloaded all of Kakuge Yaro Sprites in Case of Need to Create some Characters! I have decided their names for them, which is:

1.Nigel Malone
2.Tetsuya Hamasaki
3.Reiko Yotsubashi
4.Cecile Beaumanoir
5.Willow (only as an alias)
6.Kyle MacDonald

Next, I Would Make the Characters have Counter Mode and Armor Mode (from The King of Fighters) and implement the 4-Buttons gameplay

I'm Open for suggestions about a Screenpack, a Lifebar and sounds for the Characters

I Posted a Video in YouTube Regarding Tetsuya Hamasaki, One of the Characters! You Can Check It Out if you like!

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