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Started by Silentfailwhale, June 01, 2020, 09:37:33 PM
Tekken Force
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Hello there.

Been a few years since I've touched Mugen, but because of the current lockdown situation, I've ended up getting back into it.

I've downloaded an "Enter The Dragon" Mugen game (Credit to that guy) and it has a Mugen Char which is basically a bunch of goons showing up one by one, Beat 'em up style.

I was hoping to do a basic sprite swap if someone had done any sprites of the Tekken Force goons. Doesn't look like anyone has so, I was hoping for some suggestions on who could be a good base to make my own. Considered Captain Commando, but I reckon there's gotta be someone better suited out there.

Cheers lads.
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