Zetterburn from Rivals of Aether ? (Read 2083 times)

Started by jelrine, March 22, 2020, 05:24:55 PM
Zetterburn from Rivals of Aether ?
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Yeah. So, I've wanted to make this character for a while, but never knew how to rip the sprites. HOWEVER, thanks to the new custom mod version the developers made of the source game made, making this character was much easier using a green screen stage, a screenshot tool, and MS Paint. Ripping these sprites took 2 days.

I plan for him to use all six buttons. It's not for a traditional playstyle, though. I plan for this character to use buttons, A + B for normal and strong attacks. The C button is a power charge (not shown in video.) X + Y are reserved for assists who are also fire-based. The Z button is a "Parry" and dodge button which I've made already, roadrunner email but not shown.

He has all of his basics aside from his guard and throw animations done. All 10 palettes from the source game are already completed at this time. He has his combos done for his basics.
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