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Started by Liero, April 05, 2010, 10:28:41 PM
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MC Supercut
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MC Supercut, or Supercut for short, is the world's greatest super hero.  Being the only bird in his neighborhood that could never fly, he was mocked by his peers until, one day, he found the Mystic Popsicle Knives.  These powerful knives grant him the ability to conjure and manipulate fire at his will.  He fights for justice and for those who have ever been bullied.

Despite his extreme inability to jump and his massively low stamina, Supercut maintains a reputation of being a great rush-down character.  He recovers quickly from most attacks and can keep his opponents at a fairly good distance.  His fire-based attacks deal a bit extra chip damage that most attacks do and as a whole he is average at depleting guard.  His major downside, as mentioned before, is his low stamina.  At 700 health, he has the lowest stamina in the game.  This pretty much means that any mistake Supercut makes will be punished.  He is one of the easier characters to use, however, and testers have commented on his less complicated feel.  He has become a favorite among many people so far.

Twilight Style

This style is arguably the best combination of character and style for those who are looking to learn the basics quickly.  He can chain a great portion of his attacks together and the one Just Frame he has is fairly easy to activate.  This style, however is weak to those who can keep Supercut out of his optimal attack range.

Ankle Snipe

This attack is a very fast and effective low attack.  The second hit will lift the target off the ground and will put them into a fall state.

Aerial Snipe

This attack is a great follow up to the Ankle Snipe and it can function as an anti-air, but it isnt his best anti-air option.

Flying Cut

This attack has a just frame on the final hit that allows the player to chain into Supercut's launcher

Flame Uppercut

This is Supercut's greatest anti-air attack.  Both the light and mid version of this attack are identical except the mid version can be charged and delayed.  There is supposed to be a flame at the tip of his blade, but I couldn't get FFU to export it, so for now just use your imagination.

Dawn Style

Supercut's effectiveness in this form greatly varies on the user.  He has very quick jabs and space closing techniques, but it absolutely requires a lot of special inputs as well as an extremely hard to do Just Frame combo.  Supercut still maintains his poor stamina in this form, but the advanced guarding techniques can keep high damaging opponents at bay.  This style is also very effective when in the Light Shell state.

Flame Dash
This attack sends Supercut across the stage fairly quickly.  Many of his other flame attacks can be chained out of this attack.

Sky Flare
This functions at a great overhead attack and can be used in the air.

Burning Slide
This is a sliding low attack that can be hard to land because of its very slow startup time.  If used in grabbing range, there is a quick hit at the start of the jump.  Also the slide lasts longer depending on how high up in the air Supercut is.

Midnight Style

This style is good for those who either don't like or have trouble doing air combos as he has no conventional way to launch his opponent.  In this style, Supercut changes a bit from being a rush-down character to being a bit more defensive.  He gains a projectile flame attack as well as a retreating special back dash that momentarily give him invincibility frames.  During this dash, he is also able to do a number of attacks.
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