Mugen Stages not working properly (Read 911 times)

Started by NiO ErZeBeTh, May 27, 2015, 11:16:08 AM
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Mugen Stages not working properly
#1  May 27, 2015, 11:16:08 AM
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well, I have downloaded the stage on this thread

[1.1] - The Great Cathedral Of Witches

But once I put it on my mugen, it gives me this black bars at the sides, and I haven't managed to remove them, I know it would be something about the localcoord, but I did try a few things, changing his values to 1080, 1280, 720 and other common values but with no result (worst results in fact)

Can someone help me or explain me why it doesn't work? Sorry, I'm sure this could be already answered before but I don't know where exactly to look
I'm using Mugen Tournament HD by Devon if that helps (1280, 720 iirc)

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Re: Mugen Stages not working properly
#2  June 07, 2015, 05:33:01 AM
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The stage's localcoord is 640,480. It's because the aspect ratio is locked. Go to mugen.cfg and set KeepAspect to 0.

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