Inactive Projects

Sometimes Fullgames either dont end or are finished, those boards wont get any new posts, but you can read all about them here.


Child Boards

  1. Steel Warriors

    Steel_Warriors The Mecha tournament has begun!
    1 Posts in 1 Topics
  2. Variable Geo Medley

    All female (?) fighting tournament
    110 Posts in 16 Topics
  3. TMNT The Fullgame

    teenage mutant ninja turtles! Turtles in a half shell!
    78 Posts in 41 Topics
  4. ShugenDo

    M.U.G.E.N replacement engine in development by SakirSoft.( locked now as sakir hasnt appeared in a while, if he wants it open again all he needs to do is pm a admin)
    931 Posts in 61 Topics
  5. xnaMugen

    Open source M.U.G.E.N clone in development by FrantzX.
    523 Posts in 30 Topics
  6. MS Paint Mugen

    Are you ready for the pain(t) ?!
    1694 Posts in 34 Topics
  7. Hogwarts: The Dueling Club, 1942

    Enter Hogwarts, and find a delirious world of magic!
    125 Posts in 13 Topics
  8. Anti-Gouki Project

    Gouki, Gouki EVERYWHERE!
    644 Posts in 13 Topics
  9. Capcom Vs The World

    The stars of Capcom take on challengers from all over The World!
    5057 Posts in 44 Topics