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Started by swipergod, January 21, 2018, 04:07:39 PM
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KOFE Combos
#1  January 21, 2018, 04:07:39 PM
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This has been a crazy undertaking. There's been a lot of fine tuning to ensure moves combo as they're intended to and that juggles aren't abused. I used KOF XIV as a blueprint, seeing what generally comboed and working from there. Of course, I can't test every little flaw, so I figured I'd create a topic to help me keep track of what I've coded, but also to let people who play the game identify their own combos for characters.

So to start, I'll just say that all characters have a unique chain combo that they can access from a close weak attack or ducking weak attack. The unique chain will combo into certain special moves and always at least a DM. This means for characters that only have throw DM options, their throws will combo (but only through the unique chain).

Some characters have other moves they can combo into like overhead hits, slides or other unique moves. The following characters currently don't have a secondary chain:

Elisabeth, B. Jenet, Xiangfei, Jhun, Ralf, Clark, Whip, Adel, Mature, Vice, Angel, Eiji

Some characters have "special ways to combo into DMs that normally don't combo. These include:

Terry comboing into his power geyser from his sliding launcher
Maxima comboing into his Bunkhouse buster from his launching rekka
Angel accessing her DM from within her Circlet Chain combos
Nameless comboing to his exploding DM from his hp anti air special
Kenous comboing to his Aura DM from his diving attack
Kyo comboing into his Fire Snake DM from his double kick launcher
Elisabeth chaining her launcher DMs together
Duo Lon comboing his DM from his ground foot attacks
Lin comboing his rush DM from his ground hand attacks
Gato comboing his palm strike into his leaping grab DM
Shermie's ability to use her lightning strike to OTG opponents
Chizuru's comboing from her weak dp into her seal DM
Mary's comboing from her low counter into dynamite swing DM
Leona's comboing from her balistic launcher into any DM
K's comboing from his fire circle launcher into his super punch DM

Lastly, some characters' secondary chains also link into DMs. The characters that can do this are:

Geese, Hotaru, Yuri, Benimaru, Billy, Athena, Mai, Kim

I'll add more as I complete my combo coding. Just know if you find something mentioned here, it's intentionally in the game.
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Re: KOFE Combos
#2  January 21, 2018, 04:21:39 PM
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Re: KOFE Combos
#3  January 22, 2018, 08:37:42 PM
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^My thoughts exactly. Looking forward to playing around with this.