Midnight Bliss and Shock Project  (Read 787169 times)

Started by Xenomic, April 27, 2008, 12:56:53 AM
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Which format do you prefer for the project to take?

Current format (aka do whatever character and then release packs after set amount of time)
20 (29.4%)
Suggested format (aka focus on one character and then release sprites after finished)
48 (70.6%)

Total Members Voted: 67

Re: Midnight Bliss and Shock Project
#1361  June 24, 2020, 08:33:48 AM
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Hello Xenomic!

I love the  job you have done: D

Just a little thing ... I have the pack of the animations that you have downloaded for a long time ... And I have not put them to the chars because ... I do not know how to do it :(

Can you explain how to do it, please? aaa I have Fighter Factory 3, please explain in writing and not by video that my internet does not load videos>. <

In a nutshell
  • Figure out what sprites you need
  • figure out the animation and frames that are needed (for example, the list of custom states and YU-TOHRU's website both list what the animtions should be
  • Load up Fighter Factory 3
  • Add the new sprites, make sure to put them in the "id" that the animation is going to be (for example, the first sprite of a midnight bliss will be at 0,9020)
  • Not needed but will be very nice: Have the Midnight Bliss sprites be mapped to the palate of 1,1 so that they can change with the character's colors (there's tutorials on palette remapping on the web)
  • Go to the animation tab, add a new animation with the common id (so with midnight bliss, 9020). Click on the notepad and copy-paste the anim files from the YU-TOHRU site or the other thread. If done right your animation should already be done, but you still need to do small things like realign sprites (such as moving midnight bliss sprites to the neck)
  • Goto mugen and try to trigger the animaton
Re: Midnight Bliss and Shock Project
#1362  July 29, 2020, 09:30:04 PM
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ELECTR0 made SF2-style (as in the frame before the skeleton is one of the character's existing hit frames, otherwise matching SFA3) shock frames for Captain Kidd and Johnny Maximum from World Heroes.

Johnny's looks pretty good.

Kidd's, however? Not so much.

Apparently he plans to do this for Janne, Burnov, and his future creations as well.
Re: Midnight Bliss and Shock Project
#1363  July 29, 2020, 09:31:55 PM
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Hm...interesting. Yeah, the Kidd one has some issues, especially in the skull.