MUGEN Video Request (Read 895 times)

Started by Isabell_128, July 09, 2021, 10:45:41 PM
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MUGEN Video Request
#1  July 09, 2021, 10:45:41 PM
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Hi, I post this because I want to ask you guys something.
So, I have been looking around on youtube at these MUGEN videos, but, there was a channel named M.U.G.E.N Channel, a MUGEN channel that uploads some MUGEN videos and spawned some of the ABAB Characters as teams, example is Team Dark SDM (Igniz Scarlet, Zero Izayoi, Hong Krizalid, and Matunaga Yukari) and Team Elements (Fire Suwako, Earth Suika, Thunder Iku, and Mouri Alice, even through Mouri Alice does have nothing to do with Team Elements, she's still a member of it).
And it has been receving some views (One is Donald Solo aS In Nijikaku Arcade Mode) and a bit of popularity.
If you don't know already, watch these videos from the channel so you can know what I'm saying about. (This one has the most lots of views)
So, here's what I want to request something...
Can someone make a MUGEN Request of Team Elements (Which is Fire Suwako, Earth Suika and Thunder Iku) VS Team Doremy (Doremy (Akakedama Version), Sagume (Minoo Version) and Sumireko (Blackcurl Version).) on the Untrodden Valley stage?
Also, here's the channel so you can watch some of the videos that were uploaded too. (It currenty has over 90 videos)