Gombie Remake (includes new stage) (Read 1396 times)

Started by Carmell, December 29, 2019, 07:11:19 AM
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Gombie Remake (includes new stage)
#1  December 29, 2019, 07:11:19 AM
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New Clone Chamber Stage:

So this was my big 2019 project completely remaking my first and worst character Gombie. I've learned a lot since then and my old version of Gombie just makes me cringe. My main goal with this remake was to just blow the old version out of the water.

While my old explanation for how Gombie looked compared to an actual ball goomba/galoomba was the truth, it didn't mean I was happy about it. I tried to remedy that with this version and make him look like the real deal.

Okay, so let me go over the main changes from the old 2008 version. If I listed everything we'd be here forever, so just the main gameplay changes.

New Heavy Punch (with Super Armor)
New Sweep Move
New Jump Heavy Punch
New Jump Light Kick
New Reverse Throw
Gombie has lost his ability to Double Jump
Herpes's RailGun charges faster
Hardy's Hammer has longer startup
Gombie's gameplay has been altered to focus more on keep away than the old version
Redundant and broken moves are gone.
Throw Combo Infinite nullified.

He has an upgraded ending
Shocked State Compatibility
Midnight Bliss Compatibility
Stung Compatibility
(Vs Dogs Intro)

Big thanks to yaminogun and djmouf for helping my cross the finish line.

Also includes Moves Sheet, Tips Sheet, Remake of the first 3 Gombie comics and TheHistoryofGombiefrom2003


If anyone's willing to make a move showcase youtube video, I'd be really grateful.
Scratchy Remake will be my 2020 project.
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Re: Gombie Remake (includes new stage)
#2  December 29, 2019, 08:08:12 PM
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Gombie was a nostalgic character to me, so it's neat to see him get released again, nonetheless see an old creator return. I always thought the story behind this guy was interesting.

Onto what I could find:

- Minor, but the mugenversion in his .def says 1.0 yet I can't open him in 1.0 because of his .sff. I assume you saved it in the 1.1 format?
- The animations could be sped up. 35 frames of startup is excessive for an ordinary normal. This is a persistently big flaw in Gombie; supers like the Hardy summon are near-useless because of how telegraphed they are.
- No cooldown on any of his standing punches and his rapid screwdriver move
- Standing light and medium kicks have the potential to be infinites if timed correctly, mainly because they barely push the opponent back
- The opponent's wallbounce on the throw functions too oddly for Gombie to perform any real followups
- The mace supers are odd because there's no SuperPause or anything, and it has 0 startup or cooldown
- Gains power back from supers. It's especially bad in the case of his helper supers, where he gains half a whole bar back.

All in all, there's potential here, but it's bogged down by how odd and slow Gombie plays.