Universal Custom Hitfall (Read 5704 times)

Started by Nep Heart, August 18, 2019, 08:43:05 AM
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Universal Custom Hitfall
#1  August 18, 2019, 08:43:05 AM
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 Tired of those quirks from MUGEN's default hitfall states that ruin your day with things such inconveniences as fall.defence_up, hard knockdowns failing because P2 ground techs regardless whether you set fall = 1 with fall.recover = 0 in your hitdefs and having juggles get messed up because you're forced to follow P2's fall speed dictated by their constants? Well, I have good news for you, it's possible to get around that and still have something that functions like MUGEN's default hitfall states. I've noticed a few people have already taken to my idea before I made this thread and this has been a thing I've developed and implemented in all my characters ever since I released Nayuki, but I felt like sharing it with more people to their benefit.

1. First, make a copypaste of all gethit states that start from statedef 5050 all the way to every state transition right before statedef 5110. Once you do that, you can change their stateno to something that is outside of MUGEN's default common states. You can do minor customizations such as changing the veladd to whatever value you want instead of using the gethitvar that defines the veladd value, but otherwise, don't change it too much so that it allows for compatibility.

2. After you've finished making placing your custom hitfall states, add this targetstate to your character's statedef -2. What this does is if the target is detected to be in MUGEN's default common hitfall state, it will instead force them into the custom hitfall states that you made earlier.

[State -2, Custom Fall]
type = TargetState
triggerall = NumTarget
trigger1 = target,stateno = 5050
value = *insert stateno 5050 custom equivalent here*

 ... And that's all there is to it! Simple and practical.