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Started by thepaniqd, March 13, 2016, 07:00:53 PM
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Summary and FAQ
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Marvel Super Heroes: Reborn is a "remake" of the original Marvel Super Heroes Arcade game. The game will feature a largely expanded roster from the original and a large selection of stages for VS. mode.
The fighting mechanics are based in a mixture of Mvc, SFA, and SFIII as well as introducing a new system called the desperation system.
Many familiar capcom characters will make a return with old and new moves as well as some all new additions that haven't been seen before.

Demo release thread:


When will this game be released?
There is no set time frame at the moment.

Will there be custom stages?
We are looking for someone to help with custom stages. Existing stages will include some interactive elements at a later date.

What is the roster!?
We will announce characters as they have significant progress made in development. Psylocke and Dr. Doom are available to try now in the demo version. You can expect everyone from the original cast to make a return.

Will there be online play?
Yes, TheFclass97 is handling an Ikemen build.

Can i help?
Yes. We are always looking for more help.  Just send a private message to thepaniqd with your ideas.

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