Announcement Regarding Volzilla, Hosting *UPDATED* (Read 32135 times)

Started by Person Man, June 27, 2012, 01:29:14 AM
Announcement Regarding Volzilla, Hosting *UPDATED*
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Hello users of the Mugen Fighters Guild.

It has come to our attention that a certain user, which some of you know, named Volzilla, has been contacting certain members of the community, asking them or advising them to do certain things which we believe are unnaceptable and will harm the forum specially for newcomers. We have received some complaints about this and we thought we should make this public to avoid any confusion in regards to this matter.

Just so I don't provide examples without names and actual content in them, here's one situation that happened last year, when Volzilla told Ahrimanes that he shouldn't work with Rajaa because he was banned for 2 months for trying to manipulate staff into giving him an IP address of another user. We have permission from Ahrimanes to post the PMs exchanged between him and Rajaa, so here it goes:

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

Other instances of this behavior include:

Attempt to enforce rules from another forum into our own forum, like asking users to remove their release threads of edits of characters made by users of his forum, and host the edits on said forum, while claiming to be a spokesperson for the original author.

Asking for private account information of forum users.

Asking for special treatment in regards to reports made by him, specifically not wanting certain moderators to handle his complaints.

Advising users against mods and admins and telling them to challenge them.

As you can see we can't really allow this type of behavior. It's not good for newcomers to the forum. It has been like this for a while and we believed it had slowed down or stopped, even going to the point of giving Volzilla the hosting he asked for. Unfortunately in light of recent events we now know that not only he has not stopped as he has been doing this for ages, attempting to undermine the way this forum works.

For all the reasons listed above, we have decided to inform you all of what happened, and we have decided to ban Volzilla's account and remove the file hosting privileges he has on this forum and to inform the associated users of these decisions.

We want to make it clear to the users associated who were being hosted under the Volzilla account that we are not trying to ban them or drive them away from this forum, in fact, with all those facts to light, we have reason to believe that Vollzilla might had been limiting the experience and interaction for several users with others by deciding who they should talk to and who they should work with, and we would like to give all those creators the chance to be part of the community at large.

The MFG staff.
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Re: Announcement Regarding Volzilla, Hosting
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I think this should be in INFORMATION for a while since the feedback forum is more active. It will endure this stays on the top of the new posts lists there.

Also to further extend hosting to the others Volzilla hosted perhaps his hosting site should be directed to this topic so they may easily post here and/or PM Valodim for their own space?
Re: Announcement Regarding Volzilla, Hosting
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Also, locked.

Discussion here, if you would.

\\ edit

Also, if anyone is wondering, this staff decision happened in private because it involved reported private messages, which we obviously need to handle confidentially
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Re: Announcement Regarding Volzilla, Hosting
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I wasn't going to post this here, but I was recently banned from MMV for posting the following in this thread (my posts in that link have been edited and deleted).

First, I posted this in a new thread:
Spoiler: post #1 (click to see content)

then, volzilla saw it and edited out my entire post and replaced it with his own version of events. In response to this, I posted this:
Spoiler: post #2 (click to see content)

Not an hour after I posted this was it deleted, and my profile banned from the site, all without any acknowledgement at all. The official reason apparently is that I was just trying to cause "drama" or something, because I posted this publicly instead of PM'ing someone. Which is absolutely ridiculous! This was something MMV's entire userbase should've been allowed to see. And to suggest that the only purpose of posting it was to cause drama is just absurd. Nobody gives a shit about causing drama, we're not children!

The fact is, volzilla edited and deleted my posts because he couldn't respond to them. He can't refute our claims that he is trying to divide the community because it is simply the truth. He has repeatedly discouraged or even ordered people to stop posting here and only be a member of his site, where everyone is under his control. There is really no way to describe how damaging this is to the entire community, to have users be locked into one forum and cut off from the rest of the community.

volzilla is basically acting like a cult leader, and I advise all members of MMV to leave that site and come here, where you will all be welcomed with open arms.