One more server move & Donation info (Read 33514 times)

Started by Valodim, June 24, 2014, 12:32:10 AM
One more server move & Donation info
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Hey there,

giving you guys a heads up, I finished some preparation steps and the forum will be moving again some time tomorrow. I will need about 20 minutes for the migration itself, plus possibly some time until dns changes propagate.

The new server is hosting (almost) exclusively MFG and both network and forum this time. I moved the network stuff over a while ago already. We have ample resources here and I should be able to take on more hosted people, but I will wait with that until the forum situation has stabilized.

I have also been asked a surprising number of times about ways to donate. The paypal button has indeed vanished from the front page because paypal did not appreciate being associated with copyright infringement... or something like that. Asshats.

Anyways, for all of you who feel like donating, here's an interesting deal: PM me about it and I will send you a paypal link which pays for the server directly to the hoster for one month - it's 17,99€. You will get the donator star and unless you don't want me to, I will mention your name together with the month you paid for in this thread.

 - V

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* Month of June, brought to you by @two4teezee
* Month of July, we're flying @Bea :beam:
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