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Started by thepaniqd, March 13, 2016, 08:53:05 PM
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Psylocke occupies somewhat of a mixup role in MSH:R, moving quickly in and out of proximity, finding the right time to strike and punish the opponent.

Dodge - lp+lk (direction optional)
Spike heel - f+mK
Flip Kick - u+fk while airborn
double jump - u while airborn
wall jump - direction away from wall while jumping

Psy Blast - d,f+P (can also be performed in air)
Psy Shield - f,d,f+p
Psy Thrust - d,b+P (can also be performed in air)
Ninjitsu - d,b+K (direction toward player for followup Psy Thrust)
Psy Blade - d,f+K (can also be performed in air)
teleport - b,d,b+k

lvl.1 Hypers:
Hyper Psy Blast - d,f+2p (can also be performed in air)
Hyper Psy Thrust- d,b+2p (can also be performed in air)
Hyper Psy Blade - d,f+2k
Hyper Ninjitsu - d,b+2k must be close

lvl.3 Hyper:
Psy Fury - d,f+FP&FK (must be above 25% HP)

Desperation Hyper:
Final Psy Thrust - f,d,f+FP&FK (must be below 25% HP)

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