Posting Guidelines. Read before making a new thread! (Read 105171 times)

Started by JustNoPoint, September 13, 2015, 01:32:30 AM
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Posting Guidelines. Read before making a new thread!
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There are very strict posting rules here. The 1st post MUST be information about something from MUGEN's docs. Typically you will post a direct quote from the docs. You MUST then post any additional information you may wish to contribute or ask a question about it.

Please be sure to use the icons appropriately.

You may also post comparisons or anything else that wouldn't quite work for 1 thread and involving multiple parts.

If your information is found to be inaccurate it may be deleted or edited to become more accurate.
The purpose of these threads are purely to aid in learning so try to be very informative if you enter into a discussion. Off topics are MUCH more strictly moderated here.
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