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Started by SonicSkills, January 11, 2022, 06:47:25 AM
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Sonic Fighting Heroes
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Sup MFG, I recently finished update 2.0 of my MUGEN Full Game, Sonic Fighting Heroes. I've been working on this game since 2017, and it's sort of a showcase of my mugen knowledge over the years. I wouldn't call it a compilation game, as the chars have been edited heavily. I've worked in collaboration with OldGamer on the options screen, (Originally the whole screenpack but I redesigned it completely). All characters are edits of Shiruzato’s MUGENHunter Freedom Fighters Edits. Everyone has new palettes, some have modified attacks.

Rouge (Planned)
Espio (75% Finished)
Cream (Planned)
Vector (Planned)
Metal Sonic (90% Finished)
Metal Tails (Planned)
Metal Knuckles (Planned)
E-123 Omega (Planned)
Honey (Planned)
Sally (Modern Archie Ver.) (Planned)
Bunnie Rabbot (Modern Archie Ver.) (50% Finished)
Antoine (Modern Archie Ver.) (Planned)
Rotor (Modern Archie Ver.) (20% Finished)

Time Eater (Planned)
Neo Metal Sonic (Planned)

- Blaze
Stand Anim changed
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Anim changed. This will later become “Infernado”, a flaming lariat
Shoryuken changed. Blaze now axe-kicks while falling. It keep your juggle longer, how ever it only chains twice

- Mighty
Heavy Attack Anims changed
Voice clips changed to Alex’s voice from SFV
Converted to Sonic Fighting Heroes controls.

- Sonic
All low attacks can chain

Universal Changes:
New Palette
Air Forward Dash
Chain Combos
SF4 Sounds

I have plans to make it 6 button with tag, but for convenience it's 4 button. There are 10 chars, 29 stages, and a few themes/remixes made specifically for this game!

The Main Menu, Versus, Victory, and Green Hill Zone themes were made by Guynamite, who you can find here

Music Plant and Sky Canyon remixes were made by Randomocity Remixes, who you can find here

|\Screenshot Trailer/|

Announcer is Michael Felstein, who has a project of his own that you should check out.

Logo by "Yourz Truly"

PLEASE, let me know if there are ANY bugs, because I want this game to be fun, but it needs to be fair as well.


I play everyone rushdown
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