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Started by SageHarpuiaJDJ, May 30, 2014, 07:54:20 PM
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Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#1  May 30, 2014, 07:54:20 PM
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Acts of Violence Official Development Thread

500 years ago, there was a legendary city ruled by two emperors. These emperors used the power of fear and violence to prevent uprisings and continue their rule. However, a foreign citizen and two other locals decided to rebel against the two cruel and powerful emperors. The trio lead a small but willing army of people to fight against the emperors. They planned on attacking in secret, however, the adviser of the emperors, Johann, disguised himself as a lower class citizen to get all the information about the plan. He then proceeds to tell the emperors about the plan, which leads to a civil war. The odds were in the favor of the citizens, however, because the trio that lead the rebellion had something that the emperors used to rule so cruelly: Violent Elements, which was a special form of energy that only certain individuals at birth can have, that gives the chosen person use of a certain element in a certain style. The emperors, seeing that they were losing, called on their trump cards, a special assassin group they dubbed  the Violent Six. These assassins easily turned the tables on the citizens, however, the two locals that helped the foreigner lead the rebellion decided to take on all six of the skilled assassins, which left the foreigner to go after the emperors. When the foreigner arrived to the emperors' palace, the emperors and their adviser had already escaped. What was there was a mysterious figure. This figure raised its hands, and emitted a large flash of light that wiped out everything in sight. Luckily, the children of the rebel leaders and rebels were already evacuated before the war, and the genes of the army will continue to live.

Now, in the present, more people, but not a huge number, are born with Violent Elements, and some normal people can even adapt them without being born with them, though those people are not as strong. The select few participate in competitions for money and fame that is lead by a young promoter. One day, this promoter decides to create an annual world fighting tournament that not only showcases Violent Element users, but normal people as well. Suspiciously, he names the tournament, The Acts of Violence tournament, and sends out invitations to select few. The first annual tournament will be held in a year, which means that he has time to set up qualifiers in different areas around the world...

...and to prepare for his unknown plan...

The system of AoV is a 2 character, 1 striker system. You can can switch out whatever character that you use, but you can't switch to your striker once chosen. The goal of the game is to KO one of the characters of the opposing side. Strikers can be used infinitely, but after using a striker, the availability of the striker is restricted depending on the type of attack chosen. Each character has his/her own attributes, differing from things such as vitality, priority, and damage output. Each character also have a Violent Element, which is the element of certain attacks. Characters move by walking, dashing, running, and jumping. The basic attack system consists of 5 buttons: 2 punches 2 kicks, and a team button. Throwing is done by holding the hard punch button, and left or right for a different throw. There are 3 meters: the striker meter, the extension meter, and the super meter. Besides the normal movements and attacks, there's also character specific and Violent Element specific moves as well, as well as different offensive and defensive tactics. The basic speed of this game is in between KOF and SF4, meaning a somewhat fast pace.

Characters have 4 methods of movement, walking, running, dashing, and jumping. To walk, simply press forward to walk forward, and back to walk back. Dashing allows the character to dash forward at a certain distance. To dash forward, tap forward twice, and to dash back, tap back twice. Running allows the character to get up closer, but not as controlled as dashing is. To run, tap forward twice then hold forward. Jumping is done by pressing up, up-left, and up-right, which determines the direction that character will jump. You can also hop by tapping the desired direction.

Basic Attacking:
There are four buttons used for attacking: a light and hard punch, and a light and hard kick. Light attacks are faster and can chain into each other, but do little damage. Hard attacks can do more damage, but can't be chained into each other and are slower

Special attacks are special attacks that only that character can preform. Each attack has a different command and property to it. Specials moves properties differ with the button pressed.

EX Specials and Supers, and EX Supers:
Ex Specials and supers are attacks that each uses meter from the Super Meter. The Super meter has 5 bars. EX Specials and Supers use 1 bar, while EX Supers use 2 bars. Each EX specials are used by inputting the simple command plus pressing the two punches or kicks at the same time. Supers are used by inputting a more complex command and pressing one attack button. EX supers are used by inputting a complex command and pressing two punches or kicks.

Character Specific Normals and Violent Element Attacks:
Some characters have normal attacks that they can only use. These attacks are usually preformed by holding down a direction and then pressing an attack button at the same time. These attack have different elements to them, some very unique. Some can be used to continue a normal based combo. These are called Extensions, and will be explained later.

Violent Element attacks are attacks are all characters share, but differ in elements. These are listed as followed:
Violent Strike: A hard attack that causes different effects to the opponent. These attacks are preformed by pressing both punches at the same time.
Violent String: A combo follow up that is used during a normal attack string combo. These attacks are preformed by pressing both kicks at the same time during a string combo. You can't cancel these into specials and supers however, so be aware of that.
Violent Acts Super: A powerful super that can only be used once your Violent Meter is full. This also uses special meter.

Extensions are attacks that be cancelled into other attacks. The Extension meter has 4 bars. Each Extension normal and special uses one bar, while super extensions uses 2.

Teams have a huge variety of abilities.  You can switch out characters by holding the Team button. During a certain Special attacks, you can switch out you character, but you can't use your striker if you do this. You can also counter while blocking by pressing the Team button, and your character's partner will switch out and attack. You can still use your striker after this.

Strikers are selected after selecting your 2 characters. Use can chose between 3 attacks: normal, which is the striker performing a Special attack, element, which is the striker performing one its Violent Element attacks, and EX, which is the striker preforming an EX version of a Special attack. You can use your striker by tapping the Team button. They have many uses. Some can be used as a matter of defense, while others can increase offense. As mentioned before, strikers can be used infinitely, but becomes restricted for a certain period of time after use, which is shown in the striker meter. The amount of time of the restriction depends on the striker's attack chosen. If a striker is hit, the striker goes away before attacking.

Spoiler: Win Leasure (click to see content)
Spoiler: Zatara Haruna (click to see content)

More characters coming soon...

Fight your way to champion against 6 mighty teams!

Learn the secrets of the Acts of Violence tournament!

Free Play:
Brawl against a friend!

Trial Mode:
Test your Violent Combo Knowledge!

How long can YOU last?!

Edit the game to your liking!

View the many cinematic sequences and more!
Re: Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#2  May 31, 2014, 03:17:19 AM
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WIP Idle. Needs 4 more frames, some hair movement, and maybe some arm movement.
Re: Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#3  June 02, 2014, 12:09:47 AM
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Nice! Let me know if you have any problems.
Re: Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#4  June 12, 2014, 04:38:53 AM
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Okay, mate.

A new character:

Leyna Heller. She's a Muay Thai fighter from Germany. More information on her will come soon.
Re: Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#5  November 15, 2015, 10:01:04 PM
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Is this game still in development?
Re: Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#6  November 15, 2015, 11:19:23 PM
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the full games section unfortunately has alot of scrapped projects. so if i were you i would assume every unupdated full game as "on hiatus", until it's coder says otherwise.
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Re: Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#7  November 16, 2015, 03:15:05 PM
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Well this is for Fighter Creator although you speak the truth. I think he's just been working on sprites (he's shown some other stuff in the graphics section iirc)
Re: Acts of Violence (Full Game Development)
#8  November 17, 2015, 01:58:17 AM
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^yeah, this pretty much sums it up.

When I'm more comfortable with my spriting this will be a thing again, but for now it's in Limbo.