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Character: Black Mage
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Black Mage

Representative of: Square
First Game: Final Fantasy (December 18, 1987)
Progress: 80%
Playstyle: Poke-based rushdown character.

What's left?:
-Banishment Zap! and helpers need to be implemented.

-Solid pokes in his basics and even specials, one of which is super cancellable.
-Most of his special attacks have some form of invincibility to bypass projectiles as well as destroying them on contact.
-Solid anti-air options, including a (near) invincible DP.
-Gets a command grab as well as a super that can leave the opponent open for follow-up attacks.

-Reversals are finicky; lacks a move with full invincibility.
-Black Mage's general mobility is average at best while his ranged options are limited to supers and helpers.
-Basic attacks are weaker than average and lack general properties other characters have, requiring him to rely on his spells to pick up the slack.
-Low stamina, which can make incorrect guesses hurt much more.


  • Cat Claws (Back + Punch, Punch again for follow-up) - A high-priority attack with the Cat Claw that can be used to catch mid-level limbs. The follow-up has Black Mage thrust the Cat Claw while sliding forward a bit. Neither version cancels into specials or supers but the follow-up can be performed without the first attack making contact.
  • Confusing Staff (Backward + Punch; air only) - Black Mage takes out the Wizard Staff and swings it behind him. Works specifically as a cross-up with quite a bit of range to it.

  • Fire Hand (D, DF, DF, Punch or Kick; can be done in the air) -
    (Ground) Black Mage's general poking tool and his farthest super cancellable move. He turns forward, casts a Fire spell and swings his arm downward to hit the opponent with a trail of flames. During the turn, Black Mage has high and mid invincibility and the flame itself can destroy a single-hit projectile. The Punch version travels shorter but it comes out faster and is safe on block. The Kick version travels farther, does more damage, has longer invincibility and it knocks down. However, it comes out much slower and is unsafe on block when not spaced properly.
    (Air) Black Mage pauses in the air before performing the swing and it causes a hard knockdown on the opponent. The Punch version comes out quicker and keeps Black Mage's trajectory when he swings. The Kick version is slower and makes Black Mage shift forward.
  • Ice Slash (B, D, DB, Punch or Kick) - Black Mage forms an Ice spell in his hand and swings it upwards for an anti-air. The Punch version has invincibility against attacks and projectiles and comes out much faster. The Kick version is slower and lacks the invincibility but the initial hit can launch the opponent upwards for juggles. The spell itself can strike projectiles that are above Black Mage and is super cancellable only on the initial hit.
  • Lit Crash (B, DB, D, DF, F, Punch or Kick) - A hopping attack that upon landing, Black Mage slams down a bolt of lightning. Useful for dodging low attacks and throws albeit both versions are unsafe when not spaced properly. Punch version starts up faster but travels less distance. Kick version travels farther but Black Mage jumps higher, taking longer for him to come down. The bolt can also hit projectiles albeit the move's startup might make this harder to do so.
  • Slep Catcher (F, DF, D, DB, B, Punch or Kick) - A slow command grab where Black Mage grabs the opponent and slaps them with SLEP, causing them to sleep in place and fall over into a hard knockdown. Before the opponent falls, Black Mage can still strike the opponent with a follow-up attack. Punch version is 8 frames with less reach while the Kick version is 12 frames with much more reach.

EX Specials
  • Fir3 Hand (D, DF, DF, Punch+Kick; can be done in the air) -
    (Ground) Black Mage speeds across half-screen with full projectile invincibility as well as the Kick version's high + mid invincibility and swings faster than even the Punch version. The attack itself also deals two hits for more damage and knocks down but it's more unsafe than either of the meterless versions.
    (Air) Black Mage pauses in mid-air, swings and then continues his trajectory. On an opponent in the air, it causes a floor bounce that allows for follow-ups.
  • Ice3 Slash (B, D, DB, Punch+Kick) - Black Mage slides forward with strike and projectile invincibility. The move also launches the opponent if it strikes on the initial hit albeit not as high as the Kick version. This move also deals more damage than the Kick version as well.
  • Lit3 Crash (B, DB, D, DF, F, Punch or Kick) - Travels as far as the kick version but Black Mage does a higher leap. The attack can hit when Black Mage reaches out his hand with the spell in mid-air and the follow-up bolt will cause it to deal two hits. The bolt will also launch the opponent into the air for follow-ups.
  • Slp2 Catcher (F, DF, D, DB, B, Punch + Kick) - 10 frame startup wit the Punch version's range. The opponent is also left standing longer, allowing for other attacks to strike afterwards.

Super Attacks
  • Nuke's Flare (Level 1) (D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch or Kick) - A beam attack that can hit several times depending on how far away the opponent is. The farther the opponent is out, the less hits it deals and the easier it is to dodge (as the beam doesn't fill up the screen instantly). Despite the lesser damage, this is one of the few ways Black Mage can deal with farther ranges and it can strike anything in its path. The Punch version goes straight ahead but the Kick version is aimed diagonally, being able to hit opponents in the air. This generally works as Black Mage's combo finisher.
  • Full Stop (Level 1) (D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F, Punch) - Black Mage turns a bit and then unleashes a Stop spell from where the opponent was last standing after the super effect finishes. On hit, it deals no damage but it leaves the opponent frozen in place for follow-ups. Before Black Mage unleashes the spell, he's invincible to projectiles. On block, it leaves the opponent in quite a bit of blockstun without pushing them.
  • Banishing Zap! (Level 1) (D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch and Kick) - Black Mage opens up a portal right in front of him and if the opponent is "hit", they get sucked into Black Mage's own world where they get beat up by a group of monsters. If they survive, they get knocked out of the portal. On KO, Black Mage closes the portal down himself which leaves the character trapped. Black Mage has invincibility before unleashing the portal and the portal itself sticks out for a while.

Fighter & White Mage (3 hits for Fighter, 2 for White Mage) :
Two characters in one helper! As long both are still alive, they will switch back and forth between each time you summon them.
  • Standing - For Fighter, he will leap forward and swing the Excalibur twice while having one hit of super armor. For White Mage, she'll swing the Thor hammer downwards, zapping the opponent and knocking them down. (1 helper bar)
  • Crouching - Fighter will attempt to cast Cure and once the casting is finished, Black Mage will be healed 100 hp. White Mage will cast Heal instead which not only restores 100 hp for Black Mage but 1 HP for both Fighter and White Mage. (3 helper bars)

Jack (3 hits):
For both summons, Jack emerges from the bottom of the screen and lands in front of Black Mage.
  • Standing - Jack runs straight ahead to slam into the opponent. On hit, the opponent will fly back into the wall and bounce off of it. (1 helper bars)
  • Crouching - Jack flies above Black Mage's height and proceeds to fire down laser missiles at the opponent. (1 helper bar)

Toby & Basura (4 hits):
  • Standing - Toby and Basura hop out in front and fire off their projectiles twice, Basura first and Toby second. (2 helper bars)
  • Crouching - Basura glows white and becomes an invincible white dragon that flies forward, striking everything in its path.  (2 helper bars)


1 - Default
2 - White Mage
3 - Red Mage
4 - Black Magic Shopkeeper
5 - White Magic Shopkeeper
6 - Matoya

A Wizard...? - During Black Mage's supers, he'll obtain the robe from FF1's Black Wizard as well as the crescent from FF3's Magus. The Black Mage class could never cast those spells on its own which raises some questions...

Black & Blue Encounter

Discussion thread for Black Mage. You can post whatever comes to mind about him here.

Dev Log #6: Progress on Black Mage:

(Only covers basic attacks and specials that were implemented at the time)
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Re: Character: Black Mage
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Yesss!! my boy Black Mage looks fantastic! :yuno:
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