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Started by KingPepe2010, February 12, 2016, 01:27:19 AM
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Character: Mega Man
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(Upon request since he was already finished, this topic is meant to fully explain this character as well as allowing any discussion regarding him)
Mega Man

Representative of: Capcom
First Game: Mega Man (December 17, 1987)
Progress: 100%
Playstyle: Zoning character with various projectiles.

-Excels at long range.
-Has several ways with fighting off opponent's projectiles.
-Can deal decent pressure with his Metal Blade and Buster Shots.
-Moves around quite fast

-Struggles with getting opponents off of him.
-His farthest reaching basic attack (Buster Shot) can't be comboed into and most of his basics have short reach.
-On offense, he struggles with opening the opponent up.
-Stamina is quite low so he can be defeated really quickly.


  • Turn Kick (Back + Kick) - A rather decent poke for Mega Man. It's also special and super cancellable.

  • Mega Buster (D, DF, F, Punch or Kick; can be done in the air) - Mega Man charges a bit and shoot with his Mega Buster. The speed of the projectile can be controlled by holding left or right. The Kick version has Mega Man walk a bit before shooting although you can't combo into the EX version.
  • Metal Blade (F, D, DF, Punch or Kick; can be done in the air) - Mega Man tosses out a Metal Blade up-forwards. Usable as an anti-air (although Mega Man is not invincible during this move) but because it's a projectile, it stays on the screen for a while. In the air, Mega Man throws it down-forwards.
  • Star Crash (D, DB, B, Punch or Kick) - Mega Man sets up the Star Crash shield and then fires it off. Before Mega Man fires it off, it can block all non-super projectile attacks. Mega Man will fire the shield after waiting or if the shield manages to hit 3 times. Once it's fired off, it acts like a normal projectile. This move's startup and recovery is quite slow though.
  • Charge Kick (B, DB, D, DF, F, Punch or Kick) - Mega Man preforms the charge kick and slides a little less than mid-screen distance. Needs to be blocked low, knocks down and can slide under projectiles. Unsafe unless done at max range. Kick version travels farther and does more damage.

EX Specials
  • EX Mega Buster (D, DF, F, Punch+Kick; can be done in the air) - Flies faster, hits twice and knocks down.
  • Shadow Blade (D, DF, F,  Punch+Kick; can be done in the air) - Instead of the Metal Blade, Mega Man uses a Shadow Blade which flies faster than the Metal Blade but will then fly backwards at a certain point. Hits once on the way forward and once on the way back.
  • EX Charge Kick (F, D, DF, Punch+Kick) - On contact, Mega Man recovers right away. During the begining of the move, Mega Man does have invincibility but it wears off before the attak becomes active.

Super Attacks
  • Electric Beam (Level 1) (D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch; can be done in the air) - Just like the original Mega Man, not only does this fire a straightforward projectile, it also fires two beams going up and down. This move only hits once but can zap through other projectiles without a problem.
  • Gemini Laser (Level 1) (D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F, Punch) - Mega Man shoots out three Gemini Lasers that bounce all over the screen. These lasers aren't very strong but can get in the opponent's way. Mega Man can only preform this again when all the lasers are gone.
  • Rushdown (Level 3) (D, DF, F, DF, D, DB, B, Punch + Kick) - Mega Man and Rush proceed to go into power mode and starts throwing a few punch shots out. Mega Man unleashes a charged up punch shot and if this hits, the opponent becomes dizzy. Mega Man then goes into Flight Mode, picks the opponent up and then drives them into the ground. During Power Mode, Mega Man has super armor and can't be thrown out of the move. However, this move has horrible recovery.

Protoman (5 hits):
  • Standing - Protoman runs toward the opponent and starts jumping and shooting. (Half of a meter bar)
  • Crouching - Teleports in front of Mega Man and guards with his shied. His shield can block any non-super special move.(Half of a meter bar)

Ken (3 hits):
  • Standing - Throws out several punch shots. (Half of a meter bar)
  • Crouching - Throws out a high kick shot that can launch the opponent. (Half of a meter bar)

Firebrand (4 hits):
  • Standing - Spits out a Magic Tornado which stays still and lingers on the screen for a bit. (Half of a meter bar)
  • Crouching - Firebrand runs in, jumps up and dives toward the opponent. (Half of a meter bar)


1 - Default
2 - Rolling Cutter
3 - Atomic Fire
4 - Rain Flush
5 - Yamato Spear
6 - Mega Man 1 boxart

Other Stuff:
GUNS - The Mega Man 1 boxart palette uses a pistol instead of Mega Man's Mega Buster in his animations. This has no effect on gameplay however.
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Re: Character: Mega Man
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hey megaman why are you spinning around like that:
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Re: Character: Mega Man
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That unique attack is a huge need for Megaman. Does it drill straight down? If so, does it bring your opponent closer to you for more combo potential? (You don't have to answer these if you don't want to.)
Re: Character: Mega Man
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Awesome, but how is top spin going to work, is he going to be a normal attack or a super one?
Re: Character: Mega Man
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I think the only H-Character I ever got was that Black Raiya edit and she had a super that forced the foe to suck her cock while classical music played.