Character Progress\Info - Gohan (Read 19661 times)

Started by Neocide, January 03, 2015, 08:37:25 AM
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Character Progress\Info - Gohan
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(By Roken,Neocide, and NeoTokyo)

Fight Style (Specials) - Kyo (KOF 13,98),Spiderman(MVC),Original
Fight Style (Supers) -Chun Li(CVS2),Leona(KOF2K2),Takuma(kof2k) 
Combo Peak - Mid(Standing)
Finisher - Ultimate Sayajin Assault
Ki Limit -  7
Power Ki -Falling geyser (in the air) projectiles rain down  


Gohan is very fast paced, with lots of quick attacks,short range but lots of speed and power.


Gohan is in Phase 2.5 I'd say, Specials and supers will be revamped a little bit,He'll begin when I everyone has passed phased 1 (sff base system install) 

If you have any questions or anything regarding gohan, you can ask them here.
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