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Started by Tabris666, October 12, 2021, 06:58:09 PM
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Re: Dragon Gals
#21  October 14, 2021, 07:17:02 PM
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The english is too forced and WWE so not really like dragon ball at all.
The japanese is too high pitched and screechy so I can barely enjoy the action. Would even take the spanish dub tbh.
Bulma is a playable character and combatant on games,while fighterZ future is unknown it will be a matter of time before they add bulma in over 550 versions as playable character (i only played one of the mobile games because had bulma and got more bulmas with different styles they even added one that used weapons like freeza with a combat style similar to mister satan),chichi well no need since was already made by ohgaki,Videl well she has always been a fighter that isn't going to change at all,lunch (her correct name) is available on the mobile game and thanks to last update she got over 3 different versions.
So basically they're only playable in some random gacha I probably never heard of. Launch is the name used in dubs and therefore also correct.
Xenoverse well it has lot of characters specially female ones (i found lot of those custom NPC while on parallel quests) add the classic ones and you are done but is a game of customization with a heavy focus on custom characters and NPC.
Yea, when I said you could count the number in your hands, I wasn't including NPCs and custom characters.
New movie pan is the MC so things are changing specially with the additions of more female characters which was difficult to do on a series focused on fighting in fact became more popular thanks to adding  Xeno Pan which brought the attention and now the Super Hero movie that brings attention to pan.
And Cell saga was hyping up Gohan to be the new MC only to do nothing about it once it was done. None of that matters if they don't capitalize on it.
Well... Manga maker not know are Gohan really ready to put him father thinks...