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Started by Swanky, February 02, 2021, 09:02:31 PM
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Magneto Edit for 1.0
New #1  February 02, 2021, 09:02:31 PM
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by Sunboy

additional code by MystikBlaze
edits by Swanky

Download Magneto

Although there are numerous versions of Magneto out there, from all kinds of games and even some original versions, I always felt this particular (and very, very old) version was the tightest gameplay wise. I didn't change a whole lot, just updated a few things as listed below.

- AI. Well, kinda. For now he knows how to stay back and be annoying.
- Fixed him not being able to hit bosstype characters with most of his attacks. As always, check Statedef -2 if you want to add your own bosses.
- fixed portrait not showing the correct colors in character select
- optional portrait by Shulbocka (for now 9000,2)
- new palette, a personal spin on his old comic looks (which is also present from the og release as well)

His gameplay is thus unchanged from Sunboy's original release, the gameplay and combo section, including the gems system, is untouched.

To Do:
- toughen up the AI to the point it will win against any God Akuma cheeseling.

My other releases

MOAR Screenshots

€ updated Download link to moddb. File contains all of my full character edit releases so far.
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