Looking to hire someone for a paid project editing Street Fighter 2 char sprites (Read 5259 times)

Started by Televangelist, April 11, 2022, 02:50:10 AM
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Looking to hire someone for a paid project editing Street Fighter 2 char sprites
#1  April 11, 2022, 02:50:10 AM
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Hi all,

For this upcoming Christmas, I'm looking to use MUGEN to create a version of SF2 that changes each of the classic characters into my old school friends, as a christmas gift to them. My plan is keeping the character essentially identical, but editing the face accordingly (for example, I match best with Dhalsim, but I have an afro, so I'd basically be paying someone to put an Afro on Dhalsim and switch up his face a bit to match mine). No real changes to animations or hitboxes etc. needed, I think? Just taking sprites for existing characters (which I assume are faithfully on MUGEN already in a zillion different versions) and editing them accordingly.

My question: Do I even need to find someone with MUGEN familiarity for this project? Or can I just find the version of the SF2 characters that I like, export the sprite sheets, and then pay someone to edit them, and then import the new sprite sheet back in over the existing character?

Also, is there a typical 'going rate' for those kind of sprite edits? My hope is that since it's just the face, which has a lot of consistency from sprite to sprite, cost wouldn't be as bad as if I were asking for outfit edits etc.?

I apologize that these are fairly newbie questions, but I am looking to pay money to make this happen, so hopefully those with more expertise are willing to work with me here.  :) Thanks!