MVC DoomyGuy and Hyper Roll sprites possible? (Read 1033 times)

Started by SNEAKYTING, November 02, 2019, 03:16:45 AM
MVC DoomyGuy and Hyper Roll sprites possible?
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I've been thinking about wither add 2 of my favorite characters either as just my assisting characters for my main original MUGEN character but the problem I found out is that "MVC Doomguy" or "Aquarius199"(a Youtuber who wears a customized Doom marine outfit) does not exist at all & making a fluently animated sprite-sheet Hyper Roll's is a chore to me regardless of how many times I tried, and my idea was to give "Doomguy/Aquarius199" some moves that mimics Captain America/U.S. Agent & Cable's move-set while still give him some original moves & giver Hyper Roll a Sentinel-esque gameplay as well. If there's any professional sprite artists there who can help make me make at least a few sprites of them. I promise that I will credit you for all of your hard work of helping me.

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