Screen v.s. Helper question (Read 868 times)

Started by Kolossoni, March 05, 2020, 05:30:28 PM
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Screen v.s. Helper question
#1  March 05, 2020, 05:30:28 PM
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I have a rather independent helper that is somewhat treated as a normal player.
Everything is fine except it gets pushed by the screen everytime a character pulls it behind them.

A normal character would force the camera to stop along side the moving character with it.

How could you achieve the same result on a helper?
Will posset or posfreeze help?
Re: Screen v.s. Helper question
#2  March 15, 2020, 09:59:33 PM
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Could you provide a sample of what you are talking about? I think a description of your predicament in question should, perhaps, include a screenshot of the issue as well as the problem algorithm.

Anyway, I suppose you should double-check any conflicting code triggers under the state definition #-2. Any possibly conflicting velocity state controllers would mess up the displacement of your helper player.

Also, check the state of the helper player's state-type and physics. If the physics is anything other than N, then it could cause issues with how the helper player moves normally.

Alternatively, you could use the state controller "PlayerPush" or "ScreenCamera" (I think) under the state definition #2, targeted to the helper player. Make sure that its primary parameter is set to 0, instead of 1 being the default. Or, you can remove the helper's Clsn2 boxes that would cause the camera to displace itself.

I have never used the "PosFreeze" state controller before. However, you can set the parameters for the "PosSet" state controller such that it always binds with the helper. Or, you can also add a "BindtoRoot" or "BindtoParent" state controller that makes sure that the helper stays with the normal character under specified conditions, such as binding with the player invariably.

I am having trouble understanding your question/inquiry. So, if there is any misunderstanding on my part, just make sure to point it out.
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Re: Screen v.s. Helper question
#3  March 16, 2020, 08:49:10 AM
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