Zero from Mega Man X as he appeared in Project G (home made fighting game) (Read 2968 times)

Started by cheddarsword, July 10, 2016, 04:17:29 AM
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Zero from Mega Man X as he appeared in Project G (home made fighting game)
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if you haven't heard of Project G, don't feel bad, very few have. it was almost lost to time, but I managed to rescue the game (works fine on my windows 10 laptop!)

the engine used for the game was 2D Fighter Maker, and thankfully the creator didn't completely pack the game up, allowing me to rip Zero's sprites, which are quite good!

see, he created them from scratch. and they're 3D modelled.

I hope you can use mediafire! Heeeeeeere's ZERO!

now, they don't have an invisible background. at least, not that I know of, and they're not in sheet form either.

I REALLY hope someone makes a good character from these. I don't think there's a single complete zero for mugen, and the reason is that the sprite set isn't complete. this time, the sprites are complete and simply need someone to put them together. and find some decent sound effects! god these are crappy! fireworks sound off for the kuuenbu when it connects. can you believe that? I mean, they would have been fine for the rest of his characters (all original creations. Zero was a guest fighter of sorts.) but they are NOT fine for zero!

use the zero from MVC3 or even (dare I say it?) MMX4! any of those would be better! frankly, lucas gilbertson would be best. i'm willing to go on a sound hunt for this project myself if I must! but coding is beyond my grasp for the time being.

anyway, let me know what you think! OH! and if you want to look them up, a guy on youtube has a playthrough of the game using Zero, and the game is even listed on TV tropes oddly enough.
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