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Started by KingPepe2010, June 02, 2014, 07:23:10 am
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#61  March 27, 2018, 07:30:17 pm
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  • Super Mario Fighters 3 resurrected.
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Could the main character from Bad Street Brawler have a chance? He could be representative of of the Mattel Power Glove, as well as a good "serious joke" fighter. I want to Trip my foes gosh darn it. He also could have the most winquotes in the fullgame.
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#62  March 27, 2018, 07:37:01 pm
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...I'll admit, I do like that idea just because of how weird and bad his game was. I may consider it.
might as well put this forum about bootleg games here
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#63  March 27, 2018, 08:11:59 pm
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might as well put this forum about bootleg games here
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#64  March 27, 2018, 09:00:40 pm
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KingPepe, first of all, thank you so soooo much for creating this document, now everything is cristal clear which I really appreciate it, second, I shed a tear when I saw under the confirmed characters for beta 2, Spencer and Bill are both of my favorite characters (I really really thank you for this seriously man) and third, under the line of "Possible" character list saw Kuros from W&W, I shed another tear, I'm aware that not everyone is gonna have the chance to get in the game but, Kuros would be the cherry on top of this fantastic game (which once again and stated before) this is my #1 favorite mugen full game, I beg you to continue with this fantastic project and as always bring the hype on us your fans, cheers man.
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#65  April 25, 2018, 05:13:14 am
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Jay McCray

Representative of: Sunsoft
First Game: Journey to Silius (August 10th, 1990)
Progress: Your guess is as good as mine, haha.
Playstyle: Trap-based character with heavy emphasis on controlling the neutral.

-Possesses a ton of tools, mix-ups, and traps to help him control a wide variety of different situations. Especially in the neutral.
-Has a solid array of anti-airs to choose from on the ground. Which can force his opponent into a very bad position quite often.
-Has several ways that he can open the opponent up on the ground. Ranging from an overhead special, a roll, and 2 grab supers.
-Is surprisingly quite mobile while on the ground. Good dash, walk speed, a roll special, and a special move that can change direction.

-Horrible air control that's only slightly better than Simon Belmont's. Air-to-air game is also very weak and unreliable without traps.
-Almost every special move and super move he possesses has slow startup and endlag, meaning he will get punished often if careless.
-Has a very limited set of resources to work with. Low HP, low charge speed, meter-hungry helpers, and some traps cost extra meter.
-Extremely limited combo game without the aid of traps. Below average damage outside of supers. Ground pokes are also questionable.


Ground Normals
  • Standing Punch 1: A horizontal pistol whip. Not the fastest jab ever and does average/below average damage. But it has alright range, and is serviceable enough. Low knockback and stun because it is your typical jab move.
  • Standing Punch 2: A vertical pistol whip chop. Has slightly more damage, stun, and knockback than the first attack. Has a bit less range though, so the combo can whiff if you're not careful. Cannot be performed with Forward + Punch, as that belongs to Jay's Handgun basic/command normal.
  • Crouching Punch 1: A vertical pistol whip chop. But this time, WHILE CROUCHING! It has less damage and knockback than the standing version though, but the range is still not too great. Also, it isn't a low attack. So overall it's kind of bad. But it is just a TINY bit faster than the standing version, while also still possessing around the same amount of stun if not just a tiny fraction less.
  • Crouching Punch 2: A diagonal downwards gunshot from Jay's handgun. This move is actually a bit useful, as it is probably his best grounded poke. Has a very small window of startup before firing, but can still be chained into from Crouching Punch 1. Does pretty weak damage, but has about as much range as a kick, and doesn't have much endlag. So it's pretty good for catching the opponent off-guard, and then using a special move or even a super as a mix-up afterwards. Doesn't have much hitstun or knockback though, so be careful with whatever followup options that you may choose, as the only truly safe option would be to not do anything for equal frame advantage on both parties. Does not cause a knockdown despite shooting the opponent in the legs/feet, and it isn't a low attack either despite what one might originally think. Lastly, this move can also be performed with Diagonal Forward Down + Punch.
  • Standing Kick 1: He shoots missiles from his leg. Actually, just kidding. It is a knee attack similar to Ryu's. Poor range and damage with knockback that only serves to put both players at even frame advantage. Sounds lame, right? Well, it totally would be, if it wasn't for the fact that it inches Jay McCray a bit forward after using the move, too. How is that useful you might ask? Well, it can be Kara-Canceled into his grab supers. If you're not sure what that is, the Street Fighter community knows all about it, so definitely look it up when you can. Basically, if you use this move normally, it's pretty worthless (outside of having SLIGHTLY more speed than the punches). But with Kara-Canceling, it can be a surprise threat. As a small note: You can Kara-Cancel into any special move or super.
  • Standing Kick 2: To briefly sum this move up, it is basically Ganondorf's Ftilt boot from Smash Bros, just not nearly as good. This move has also been used by the Terminator, Chris Redfield, and well, practically almost any other character you can think of. Mario, Samus, Thonolan, and Dig Dug being the closest examples in this game. So expect it to work similarly to those moves, only that it doesn't cause a knockdown. Actually, it would most closely resemble Thonolan's kick, possessing similar power as well as speed, only that Jay brings his knee towards his chest before kicking forward. Not the best poke out there, but it's good as far as Jay's grounded normals go besides his Crouching Punch 2. Unlike that move though, this one is much better for comboing into specials and supers, thanks to the additional damage, stun, and knockback that it has. And as you can guess, this move can also be performed with Forward + Kick.
  • Crouching Kick 1: This one is a bit special. It's called "Step Kick", even though this won't be mentioned in the game. Anyways, while crouching, Jay will do a swift, short-ranged kick forward for below-average damage, knockback, and stun. In your head you probably just guessed "That sounds like Standing Kick 1". Well congrats, because you're right! With a few slight differences. It can't be Kara-Canceled as quickly as Standing Kick 1, but it moves Jay farther than that move, so it has a bit more range. It's also great for slightly inching Jay forward even if you don't hit your opponent, which can be good as an intimidation factor. Lastly, and most importantly, you can choose whether you inch forward or not with this move. Holding the button inches you forward (but also increases the startup lag/endlag of the move as compensation), where-as just tapping the button keeps you in place. The slower version that inches you forward has slightly higher stats than the one that keeps you in place. Nothing spectacular, but minor damage/knockback/stun buffs to offset the slower speed a little bit. The range of this move is still somewhat small regardless of what you do, and it puts you at a frame disadvantage at worst or frame-even at best. Use this move wisely, and it will be a great boon for pressure. Oh, and it hits low, too. Good stuff all around.
  • Crouching Kick 2: A slow, moderately strong, far reaching pivot kick while crouching. His furthest ranged grounded poke, but the sluggish speed can leave you a sitting duck if you're not careful. CANNOT properly be chained into from Crouching Kick 1, as that move is more meant for specials/supers, so don't expect to use this link without risk. But it hits low, and is one of Jay's few knockdown moves besides specials/supers, which gives you a good reward in allowing you to set up traps if you do manage to land this attack. It cannot be special or super canceled, however. It does, however, knock the opponent decently far back, which could push them into a corner. And of course, the Diagonal down forward + Kick command works here, too.

Aerial Normals
  • Aerial Punch 1: A horizontal pistol whip (pointed slightly upwards). But this time, WHILE JUMPING! Wait, I used that joke already? Um, well, anyways, it's what you would expect. Only now it's a bit slower and weaker in the air with minimal knockback (but just enough to end juggle combos pretty easy). Oh, and by the way, Jay McCray does NOT have your standard Famicom Fighter aerial combos! Which is a weaknesses shared with Dig Dug/Taizo Hori. So aerial punch 1 and aerial kick 1 will not lead to the stronger versions, which highly limits his juggles and overall aerial damage output. All of his aerials are slow, weak, and are lacking in combos and range. This one is one of the faster aerials he has access to, but because of the slightly raised angle of the attack, it is only really "useful" as an air-to-air attack. And even then, expect to lose in most aerial trades. Slightly more useful in the corner, but yeah, just don't expect much out of this aerial in particular. It's bad.
  • Aerial Punch 2: Jay performs a spin in the air, and then swings the butt of his handgun down in an overhead swipe. One of his best aerials, possessing better range and power, and can meteor his opponents downwards. But it's still one of the slowest aerials in the entire game. Which not only limits your ability to throw this out, but makes jump in attacks with this extremely unreliable thanks to the startup. If you do manage to hit someone on the ground with this aerial though, you can combo into most things on the ground from it, so it's worth your time if you can pull it off. But because of the horrendously slow speed, you practically have to use this move right before or at the apex of your jump just to hit a guy on the ground, or use it immediately after jumping just in order to hit someone in the air with it. Just to give you a general idea of how slow this move is.
  • Aerial Kick 1: Jay slowly swings his foot forward in an upwards toe kick. Has below average damage and speed, but alright range. It can also juggle opponents...only, the juggle itself does not pop the opponent up very high at all. At best, if could give you JUST enough time to combo into an aerial Grenade Launcher super, but you have to be super quick in order to pull this off. Slower than his aerial punch 1, but it can be used as an air-to-air, and is better as an air-to-ground attack. Probably his most versatile move overall while airborne. But even so, it's still not all that great.
  • Aerial Kick 2: Jay performs two somersaults, and then brings both of his feet down in a fashion similar to Simon Belmont's heavy air kick. Only slower, weaker, and hits at a lower angle. Similar to aerial punch 2, only with a bit more damage and a bit less speed. And it hits more downwards than forwards. If someone is below you, it COULD hit them a microsecond faster than his other aerials due to Jay's long legs, and like aerial punch 2, it can lead to potential combos on the ground. But Jay is entirely vulnerable while performing somersaults. At least his hurtbox shrinks a bit when doing so, since he is performing a somersault before-hand. (His slowest aerial!)

Basics/Command Normals
  • Elbow Drop: Diagonal down forward + Punch while in the air. One of Jay's quickest, but weakest, moves in the air. Faster at hitting ground opponents than any of his other moves, but can be punished if read due to poor stun/knockback. Use it to try to open the opponent up for a grab, but remember that you are not very safe when using this move.
  • Handgun: Forward + Punch on the ground. Exactly like Mega Man's Buster, but slower to fire and a bit weaker. It's alright as a moderately quick zoning poke to try to aggro your opponent. Could also trip them up long enough for a well-timed Grenade Launcher blast, or something similar, too. It also pairs wonderfully with Jay's trap-based specials, giving him plenty of opportunities to set them up if the opponent flinches.
  • Anti-Air Handgun: Diagonal down backwards + Punch while on the ground. Same as the above, only the bullet travels diagonally upwards, and Jay fires the shot while crouching. Which is something that Mega Man can't even do. Can down an airborne opponent if timed right, but doesn't cause a knockdown. If an opponent wants to jump over a trap, this little pellet will bring them back down to Earth, right where they don't want to be.

Special Moves
  • Shotgun Slam:
(F, D, B, Punch or Kick) - Jay performs a spin while swinging a shotgun over him (grabbed from his back). Depending on if you press punch or kick, the foot that Jay pivots on for the spin will change. If you press punch, Jay will pivot with his forward facing foot, which moves him forward a bit. If you press kick, Jay will pivot with his backward facing foot, which moves him backwards a bit. While Jay is spinning, he will swing his shotgun over his body, making a wide sweep over him, before bringing the swing of the barrel in front of him pointing diagonally downwards at the ground. The barrel of the shotgun has a decent hitbox size when doing this, and is a multipurpose move with many applications. It mostly serves as an anti-air that knocks the opponent straight down if it hits them, which is particularly useful for airborne opponents, but also functions as an overhead that can go past a crouching opponent's guard as well. And because you can change how Jay spins either forwards or backwards with the shotgun by about a few steps, the move is that much more versatile as it helps greatly with spacing. The Punch version is great for approaching and hitting neutral jumpers. The kick version travels backwards, which is great for hitting aggressive forward jumpers and for being a bit more defensive. Once the barrel of the shotgun connects and slams the opponent to the ground, Jay will then fire the shotgun diagonally down forwards, which is an OTG that blasts the opponent away and forces them more into the corner. Leaving them in a bad position for followups and traps. As a small note, this shotgun blast ONLY occurs if you manage to hit the opponent, as Jay needs to conserve weapon ammo. Doesn't make sense, unless you consider the context of Journey to Silius, since the game is very strict about ammo/how it's shared. Anyways, Shotgun Slam has one major flaw: It's slow. So it's very easily punishable while Jay is spinning. Making Jay have to go for a hard read in order to land the move. And can't really be used for combos often. It has a fair amount of startup lag and endlag as well, so he really has to use it wisely.
  • Combat Roll:
(D, F, Punch or Kick) - Jay performs a simple roll that can dodge projectiles. Punch version would roll very short (bit further than Samus's roll but not by much), and kick version would be a dive into a roll that covers about 150%-200% the distance. Both can roll behind the opponent. Don't have too much to say about this one, as it is basically what you would expect. Rolling sprites/animation can also be used elsewhere. These rolls can be punished by melee attacks, supers, and possibly even projectiles flying low to the ground. So use it only when you see an opening. Unlike most specials/supers that Jay possesses, this move is pretty fast. (Startup lag and endlag)
  • Laser Turret:
(D, D, Punch or Kick) - Jay McCray spawns a Laser Turret from Journey to Silius right at his feet. Depending on if you press punch or kick, the color of the turret changes (either normal white/silver or...that ugly reddish palette unfortunately), as well as the timing of the laser being fired. No matter which one you choose, this turret does NOT fire immediately. You can only place down one at a time, and after placing it down, Jay is able to move freely. Meaning that he will force the opponent to anticipate the laser being fired, or possibly being torn apart by Jay's offensive pressure. The projectile doesn't really help too much in regards to zoning, but performs excellently as a trap. Furthermore, the laser being fired is low, which makes it easy to jump over. Because Jay has a few good grab supers, and weak aerial stats, the opponent is going to think "Maybe I can jump over it instead?". But a good Jay player will know this fact, too. So it becomes a guessing game in Jay's favor. Try to attack Jay from the air and potentially get punished while trying to land? Or stay on the ground and hope for the best. Possibly wanting to hit Jay despite being hit by the laser, as it would overall be much easier to deal with as opposed to letting Jay get in close on you. Punch version will be quite slow, and white/silver in color (default color). The turret will stay in the ground under the trap door for roughly 2 seconds, before emerging and subsequently firing, and then going back into the ground. The reddish one will be performed with Kick, and come out a bit faster (1 second), but also retract more slowly as a drawback. Either of these turrets can be destroyed with enough damage, and have extremely low HP. Both would have the same HP as well. If they're destroyed, the cooldown on the move lasts a bit longer, so be careful. But it could maybe block Jay from a low projectile. And lastly, this attack could potentially cost 1/4th a bar of meter if it ends up being a bit too potent in regards to controlling the opponent.
  • Aerial Droid:
(F, D, F, Punch or Kick OR B, D, B, Punch or Kick) - Another useful trap special move. As opposed to the grounded lasers which are focused on tripping the opponent up and trying to force a punishable jump, the aerial droids pretty much do the opposite and cover the sky with bullets. Punch version summons a Flying Screw Droid, which flies very slowly to the center of the screen, before firing 6 tiny bullets (two volleys of 3 bullets each) in a shotgun spread towards the ground for very weak damage. Kick version is the Flying Gatling Droid, which stays on the top of the screen. After showing up, it pauses for a second or two in order to rev up its gun, and fires an anti-air shotgun spray of 6 bullets (two volleys of 3 bullets each) with the bullets not being close to the ground at all in order to avoid them being abused for zoning. The forward Shoryuken motion will spawn the droids on the opponent's side of the screen, while the backwards Shoryuken motion will spawn them on your side of the screen. These sound pretty powerful in terms of stage control, and they are, but there's a huge catch. The Punch and Kick versions actually cost a bit of meter unlike most special moves in the game to offset their strength as traps, to help prevent them from being spammed so much. Each would cost 1/4th to 1/2th a bar of meter, preventing Jay from spamming these without repercussion. However, they have another weakness in that they can also be destroyed just like the grounded laser turrets. Speaking of which, you can ONLY have one trap out at a time. And yes, this includes the grounded laser turrets, too. Meaning that Jay can't just litter the screen with multiple droids/turrets all at once. Only one at a time. No ground laser plus aerial droid either.

EX Special Moves
  • Hasta La Vista:
(F, D, B, Punch and Kick) - This EX move won't have Jay swing the shotgun overhead, but rather in a tuck & roll that causes Jay to swing the shotgun under him before thrusting it forward, in attempt to jam the barrel of the gun into the opponent's torso/stomach. This version causes Jay to spin forward even more than the Light version, which is great for catching opponents by surprise. It's also faster than the Shotgun Slam, but at the cost of losing overhead properties as well as the protective hitbox above him. Making it pretty much a different move on its own. But the great part about this is that it is one of Jay's few combo starters. As Jay is spinning, Jay will then jam the barrel of the shotgun into the opponent's torso, point the barrel of the gun upwards, and them blasts them skyward diagonally up and forwards, which would be perfect for setting up into a small combo string or into a super.  But it's still slow enough that you can't directly connect with from light attacks and even some heavy attacks, meaning that in order to directly combo into "Hasta La Vista", you would probably have to hit with one of Jay's heavy aerial attacks to properly chain the moves together. And even then, it would scale the super's damage by a good amount, since this guaranteed super damage will only be a small blessing. It's also not a grab (despite the quick animation), so it can also be blocked and punished by quick pokes and even grabs.
  • Plasma Trap:
(D, F, Punch and Kick) - Jay places down a plasma trap pointed upwards (from Stage 3), before rolling either forwards or even backwards a fair distance. Hold forward (or don't press anything) to roll forwards, and simply just hold backwards to roll backwards. Jay McCray will have some invulnerability frames on this particular roll, at least while setting up the trap, which allows him to be a bit safer than his other two rolls. This plasma trap will then fire 1-3 streams of plasma (depending on preference) upwards, which could either serve as a wall to protect Jay, or a barrier to prevent the opponent from running away. It won't cause a knockdown unless it hits an aerial opponent. The trap can also be destroyed, so be careful about when and where you put it. ALSO, unlike Jay's other traps, this one CAN be put down at the same time as the other traps with no strings attached. So you might just want to limit this one a single plasma spray if that aspect of the move would cause any problems. In any case, once the plasma trap has done it's job, a missile from Stage 1 will then destroy the trap. However, this missile will not interact with the enemy. (Plasma Trap could stun opponents for better setups)
  • M. Tank Droid:
(D, D, Punch and Kick) - Unlike the Light and Heavy versions of the Laser Turret, each with their own color and timing, this one is unique in that a mobile version of the Tank Miniboss shows up from the side of the screen. It then fires 3 projectiles. A single shot diagonally downwards, before the tank "crouches" and fires two more fireballs: The first diagonally downwards, and the second diagonally upwards. Just like how it does in the game. Unlike most EX moves though, just like with the aerial droids, this one also costs additional meter. 1.5 Bars of meter to be exact. With how long the duration of the move is, and with full screen hitboxes, it needs to have a drawback in order to prevent it from being spammed and to keep Jay's zoning in-check. Even so, this Tank cannot be destroyed. (Could cost 2 Bars if OP?)
  • Flying Soldier:
(F, D, F, Punch and Kick OR B, D, B, Punch and Kick) -  Jay McCray summons a Flying Soldier Droid from Stage 4, which fires a shotgun spread of 3 bullets towards the ground after a brief pause from showing up. However, after he fires his shotgun once, he will then do an arching dive similar to Firebrand that can hit the opponent. Unlike the other two aerial droids, this one will cost normal meter, using only a single bar. But it can still be quite annoying regardless. Like most other traps, it can be destroyed, though it does have more HP than most droids. The tackle causes a hard knockdown, while also making the robot exit the stage. Slower than Firebrand, but a bit stronger.

Level 1 Super Attacks
  • Grenade Launcher:
(D, DF, F, D, DF, F, Punch) - Jay's most straightforward move. Jay fires an RPG that has slow startup before launching forward, which causes a huge explosion for solid damage. Functions a bit differently on the ground and the air. In the air, it just shoots, and pushes Jay back a bit after firing. Cannot be aimed up or down, so it's just a straight shot. On the ground however, Jay will dash forward a very small distance with the Grenade Launcher, in an attempt to shove the barrel of the weapon into the opponent's torso before firing. He will fire the weapon regardless of whether this hits or not though. This means that the grounded version is a bit slower than the aerial version (stealth zoning nerf lol), but the benefit to doing this is that if this ram hits the opponent, the RPG will stick to them. This will send the opponent flying backwards along with the RPG, and if this melee hitbox is triggered, Jay will then fire a slightly powered up version of his handgun at the RPG, making it explode for additional damage/flair. This is one of Jay's few true zoning options, but because of the slow speed (like with his droid/turret summons and even his shotgun special): It's slow. A Kick variation of the move was considered, but I wanted this super to be extremely simple, so I decided against it. It could still potentially be activated with the Kick button, but most likely, it could only be activated with the Punch button to avoid specific oddities.
  • Suppressive Fire:
(360, Punch) - A short ranged grab that, as you would expect, deals a ton of damage. After grabbing his opponent, Jay then headbutts the opponent, does a quick roll into a handstand double kick that launches them into the air, quickly pulls out his machine gun, and then fills the opponent full of lead. The machine gun's bullets can either be the pellets seen in the game, or automatic hitboxes signified with visual effects in a circle around the opponent to greatly help the move's accuracy so the opponent doesn't just fall of it. At the end of the machinegun volley, the opponent bounces up a small bit in the air, giving Jay just enough time to fire a homing missile at them for the coup de gras. Fireworks!
  • Scorched Earth:
(D, DB, B, DB, D, DF, F, Punch or Kick) - When activated, Jay McCray will ready himself to jump, and then tuck into a ball and roll after jumping/the screen pause for the super goes away. This jump goes just shy of mid-screen distance, but you can hold forward to extend the jump's range a bit (or backwards if you want to jump closer to hit opponents closer to you). Upon touching your opponent, Jay will grab their head, and then perform a 360 degree spin. This maneuver causes the opponent to lose their balance, and then fall over as Jay is swinging back around. As they are falling, Jay slams their head into the ground, stunning them and keeping them grounded. Jay then rolls backwards slightly, and spawns in two grounded laser turrets to his side. Kind of like Baby Bonny Hood from Darkstalkers, but in a prone position. Jay then whips out his Laser Rifle, and along with the laser turrets to his sides, performs a combined OTG laser volley that blasts the opponents to smithereens, leaving small trails of fire on the ground, and sending the opponent to the corner of the screen. None of this animation will play out if Jay misses the opponent with the jump. The jump is also a little slow so it's easy to dodge, and the hitbox around Jay is pretty small so he can easily get punished during the move, or if he misses and lands with landing lag, making the move very risky to throw out willy-nilly unless you already had a trap down to help cover Jay's approach. So it's a situational mixup tool that does a respectable chunk of damage if it lands. It IS, however, a grab. So it basically laughs at the opponent if they're blocking, especially if they're trying to block a laser turret special or something. This move will also be great to throw out after the opponent has been previously knocked down, BUT Jay has very few basic moves that cause a true knockdown as a slight compensation. Most of his knockdowns are going to come from specials, supers, or from his grab. Scorched Earth should not grab aerial opponents, but it does have one last trick. Punch version will cause Jay to jump lower, and Kick version will cause Jay to jump higher. (alters his timing)

Level 3 Finisher Attack
  • Journey to Oblivion:
(Hold B, then F, B, F, plus Punch and Kick) - Jay throws out a Spike Droid seen from Level 2, and it slides across the ground a fair distance. Mid screen distance or a bit less. The spike droid is in its unextended state when Jay throws it out, but if it touches an opponent (or if the disc stops completely), the Spike Droid will extend and launch the opponent straight up into the sky, causing a cinematic to occur. Jay will then pull out his Homing Missile Launcher, and spam a volley of shots pointing upwards at the opponent. For visual effect, it may or may not show Jay shoot every single shot of the Homing Missile Launcher depending on preference. The screen then cuts to the sky, with the opponent going up and up. Then a split second later, the homing missiles appear in the foreground, going past the opponent's flying body by outspeeding them. As the opponent's ascension is slowing down, they manage to catch up to the missiles, which are now flashing. The timers run out, and the missiles that fill the screen will then shower the opponent in a vibrant fireworks display of explosions, tearing them (or at least their HP bar lol) to pieces. The screen then cuts back to the ground, where Jay is picking up a weapon capsule to refill his energy (not his meter since this is just a visual effect) with the corresponding audio cue found in the game. The opponent, now properly charcoaled and covered in flames, then falls to the ground with a hard slam. And if the opponent is defeated, they will drop a powerup symbol with the first letter of their name (or a sprite with their face or maybe a powerup from their games or something like that), similar to that of the powerups the minibosses in Journey to Silius drops when defeated. Now victorious, Jay collects the powerup, stronger than before, still itching for a fight. If either of the hitboxes on the Spike Droid miss the opponent, a missile from Stage 1 of Journey to Silius will fly from the background and land on the Spike Droid trap, causing a minor explosion to destroy it. This missile is only for visual flair, and will not interact directly with the opponent. Same thing applies for his Plasma Trap.

Helpers/Assist Characters:

Mobile Rocket Droid (3 hits):
Standing - A mobile version of the Rocket Droid (seen from Stage 1) shows up, and then fires 2 missiles straight forward. (1/2nd H. Bar)
Crouching - Same as the above, only this time, the robot will aim upwards and fire an anti-air variant. Pretty simple stuff. (1/2nd H. Bar)

Lucia (Wing of Madoola) (3 hits):
Standing - Lucia uses her Flame Sword forward. If the opponent is in the air, she will track them, and angle it upwards.  (1/3rd H. Bar)
Crouching - Lucia uses her Magic Bomb right in front of Jay McCray, giving him a protective wall of flames to hide behind. (2/3rd H. Bar)

Sophia (Blaster Master) (3 hits):
Standing - Sophia shows up and fires a Multi-Warheaded Missile, which splits into 3 and travels quickly across the screen. (1/2nd H. Bar)
Crouching - Sophia appears at the top of the screen using Hover, before firing a few lightning bolts using Thunder Break.  (1/2nd H. Bar)

Other Stuff
Grab: He grabs the opponent, headbutts them, and then uses a shotgun blast to cause good damage and great knockback. Perfect for cornering the opponent.
Reversal: Reversal would be a short-ranged grab. He grabs the opponent by the head/neck, uses one of his legs to trip the opponent, and then slams their head down on the ground hard. Hard to utilize, but it causes a knockdown right in front of him, which opens up the opponent to plenty of mixups. Like rolling behind them with the Combat Roll, or using Shotgun Slam as an overhead if they decide to block low. Suppressive Fire or even Scorched Earth if they become too block-heavy. Or if they're really unlucky, Journey to Oblivion to hit them low and absolutely decimate their health bar. A terrible disadvantaged state no matter how you slice it. Won't work on aerial opponents or zoners though. But the perfect wild card against would-be melee users.
Meter Gain: 3 ticks (Slow). If too weak, it could be 5 Ticks.
Total Health: 800-900 HP. Could even be as low as 750 HP.
Neutral Jump Movement: Higher than Simon Belmont. But lower than everyone else. Or at least on par with the other characters found at the very bottom.
Movement speed:  Around Simon Belmont's speed. Slower than Bomberman, but a bit faster than Mario, Star Man, and Mega Man.
Idle Animation: Similar to Chris Redfield, specifically from the MvC games. Just seems very fitting for him, imo.
Crouching pose: He does not lay on the ground like he does in his games. Instead, he will be crouching down on his knee, which is also seen in Journey to Silius.
Victory Animation: The opponent drops a powerup of some sort (Similar to Journey to Silius?), and Jay McCray runs over to pick it up. (Defeat is what you would expect)
Intro Animation: The green helicopter boss of Stage 1 brings Jay McCray to the battlefield, either with Jay jumping out of the helicopter, or with Jay jumping off of a rope ladder attached to said helicopter. After landing, he reloads his handgun, and then enters his idle animation.
Taunt Animation: Jay looks forlornly at the floppy disk that his father left behind, turning his back on the opponent and completely ignoring them. The pose he makes is similar to the one made where he is looking at his father's grave in the intro cutscene of Journey to Silius. He then quietly puts the floppy disk away, and draws his gun.
Character Convos: Would accuse Bomberman of being the terrorist responsible for killing his father. Will hate Mega Man & Samus Aran due to their robotic appearances. Basically, he's not a very friendly fellow. He would have choice words for most of the roster, as he's basically a broody and edgy anime protagonist. Focused on his mission. If you want help with these character convos, send me a PM!
Charge Animation: Jay McCray strikes a pose similar to to the cutscene where he says that he'll make the terrorist "pay the price" for the death of his father. Or something.
Mobile Rocket Droid: Would have the tank treads of the Summon M. Tank Droid. Yes, this is cheating a little bit, but the assist idea was too good to pass up honestly.

Target Combos
  • Standing Punch 1 -> Standing Punch 2: A basic target combo. Reliable enough at close range. Standing Punch 2 could miss at max range, so be careful with this in mind.
  • Crouching Punch 1 -> Crouching Punch 2: Should transition smoothly into the gunshot. Probably Jay's most reliable target combo, but lacks any true followups at the end.
  • Standing Kick 1 -> Standing Kick 2: Not a true combo because of Standing Kick 1's drawbacks. But Standing Kick 2 is very rewarding for damage/combos if it actually lands.
  • Crouching Kick 1 -> Crouching Kick 2: High risk for a potential knockdown. "Hard" version of Step Kick needs to be used to even reach the level of the above target combo.
  • Crouching Kick 1 -> Crouching Punch 2: Much more reliable than the above. You still need the "Hard" Step Kick for a true combo. Extremely low damage and hard followups.
  • Crouching Kick 1 -> Anti-Air Handgun: Very iffy on this one, so maybe don't add it. Quick low poke with an AA attack to catch potential jumpers, forcing them to block or attack.
  • Standing Punch 1 -> Handgun: Deals less damage, stun, and knockback than Standing Punch 2. Only good at max range where that move will miss, or to throw off timing.

1 - His default color. And by default color, I mean from his American color scheme.
2 - The solid blue color he has in Rough World. The boxart looks exceptionally cool.
3 - Android silver, from the enemies in his game. But not the ugly reddish ones. Ew.
4 - Terminator black, as the game was originally planned to be a Terminator game.
5 - Chris Redfield green, as he was one of the major inspirations for this moveset.
6 - Cutscene reddish brown from his game's intro. It is filled with edgy anime angst.
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Re: Character Request Topic
#66  April 25, 2018, 06:28:37 am
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Thanks so much for bumping this again. I have one suggestion that I doubled check the lists for and did not see...

Scooter from Treasure Master. Don't think he's from anything prior, has decent moveset potential, no clue on strikers as usual... Hope there's some merit in that, or if he can be added to "Possible" or "No".
Re: Character Request Topic
#67  April 27, 2018, 04:41:43 am
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@AkogareMusouka: Admittedly, that's a really well-thought out moveset for Jay McCray. We'll definitely consider him.

@MR. IBZS II: Scooter would be a hard character to make, as there's not a lot to work with.

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Re: Character Request Topic
#68  April 27, 2018, 07:02:09 am
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@kingpepe2010 HI! I was wondering if you had considered Billy and Jimmy Lee from DD! I'm sure you have. Just to good of a suggestion to pass up asking.

Re: Character Request Topic
#69  April 28, 2018, 03:14:37 am
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Sorry for the mistake from before. Anyways, this time with feeling:

My brother has a crazy idea. Scrooge McDuck as seen in the Ducktales game, with Darkwing Duck, Chip and Dale, and Baloo as assists, making for a team based on the Disney Afternoon NES games. If there aren't enough move ideas for Scrooge, Darkwing could be the playable one.
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Re: Character Request Topic
#70  May 01, 2018, 04:20:54 am
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Billy Lee has been requested before and as I stated before, I don't plan on adding characters that are based on other media. Please read the document in the first post.
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Re: Character Request Topic
#71  May 04, 2018, 03:20:26 am
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@KingPepe2010, how about Takamaru from the Nintendo Famicom game called Nazo No Murasamejou or The Mysterious Murasame Castle in English. He could have a good moveset, he can attack with his katana, fireballs, & pinwheel/windmill shurikens. Some of his special moves can have some of his ninja techniques based off the rook & bishop in Japanese chess, a Sword Uppercut, his invisibility ninja technique, and calling upon The 4 Daimyos of the Aosame, Akasame, Ryokusame, & Momosame Castles, Tanukis, Ninjas, & Tengus as assist helpers. His hyper combos can be a ninja fire technique, a flurry of sword strikes, & last, but not least, his famous Inazuma Lightning Technique. His winposes could be him sheathing his sword, him with the princess & him with the 4 orbs of power. His playstyle would be a long-range/close combat character with easy-to-preform combos for beginners. His color palettes would be from his famicom game (red and blue), Lord Aosame's color palette for the second palette, Lord Akasame's color palette for the third palette, Lord Ryokusame's color palette for the fourth palette, Lady Momosame's color palette for the fifth palette & finally, Murasame's color palette for the sixth palette. He would be a 6-button character. Just a request/suggestion to pass up asking.
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Re: Character Request Topic
#72  May 05, 2018, 12:39:43 am
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@KingPepe2010, how about Takamaru from the Nintendo Famicom game called Nazo No Murasamejou or The Mysterious Murasame Castle in English. He could have a good moveset, he can attack with his katana, fireballs, & pinwheel/windmill shurikens. Some of his special moves can have some of his ninja techniques based off the rook & bishop in Japanese chess, a Sword Uppercut, his invisibility ninja technique, and calling upon The 4 Daimyos of the Aosame, Akasame, Ryokusame, & Momosame Castles, Tanukis, Ninjas, & Tengus as assist helpers. His hyper combos can be a ninja fire technique, a flurry of sword strikes, & last, but not least, his famous Inazuma Lightning Technique. His winposes could be him sheathing his sword, him with the princess & him with the 4 orbs of power. His playstyle would be a long-range/close combat character with easy-to-preform combos for beginners. His color palettes would be from his famicom game (red and blue), Lord Aosame's color palette for the second palette, Lord Akasame's color palette for the third palette, Lord Ryokusame's color palette for the fourth palette, Lady Momosame's color palette for the fifth palette & finally, Murasame's color palette for the sixth palette. He would be a 6-button character. Just a request/suggestion to pass up asking.
He's already a helper.
Re: Character Request Topic
#73  May 05, 2018, 02:43:25 am
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@KingPepe2010, how about Takamaru from the Nintendo Famicom game called Nazo No Murasamejou or The Mysterious Murasame Castle in English. He could have a good moveset, he can attack with his katana, fireballs, & pinwheel/windmill shurikens. Some of his special moves can have some of his ninja techniques based off the rook & bishop in Japanese chess, a Sword Uppercut, his invisibility ninja technique, and calling upon The 4 Daimyos of the Aosame, Akasame, Ryokusame, & Momosame Castles, Tanukis, Ninjas, & Tengus as assist helpers. His hyper combos can be a ninja fire technique, a flurry of sword strikes, & last, but not least, his famous Inazuma Lightning Technique. His winposes could be him sheathing his sword, him with the princess & him with the 4 orbs of power. His playstyle would be a long-range/close combat character with easy-to-preform combos for beginners. His color palettes would be from his famicom game (red and blue), Lord Aosame's color palette for the second palette, Lord Akasame's color palette for the third palette, Lord Ryokusame's color palette for the fourth palette, Lady Momosame's color palette for the fifth palette & finally, Murasame's color palette for the sixth palette. He would be a 6-button character. Just a request/suggestion to pass up asking.
He's already a helper.

Yes, that is true. But I want him to be promoted to a playable character.
Re: Character Request Topic
#74  May 05, 2018, 08:50:47 pm
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@KingPepe2010, Can you please promote Takamaru from a helper to a fully-fledged playable character?
Re: Character Request Topic
#75  May 06, 2018, 01:43:19 am
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I think KingPepe2010 made a decision already, thus the document he uplodaded, once again, the character list is already made.
Re: Character Request Topic
#76  May 06, 2018, 03:16:43 am
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I think KingPepe2010 made a decision already, thus the document he uplodaded, once again, the character list is already made.

Well I demand a change in the character list. Takamaru should be promoted to playable character. His helpers can be Sukapon from Joy Mech Fight, Tamagon/Devil from Devil World, & Diskun the Nintendo Famicom Disk System Mascot himself!
Re: Character Request Topic
#77  May 06, 2018, 03:22:18 am
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We are now, as expected, at the point where I have to warn you.

Don't make demands of people who are doing this as a hobby. Don't make multiple threads requesting people make characters for you. You will be banned from this forum.
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#78  March 17, 2021, 05:08:53 pm
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First of all, two clarifications. My English is not so good I hope you can forgive me and second I have read the rules and all the characters that have been suggested to you but I was surprised not to find this nice Famicom character.


Representative of: Konami
First Game: Circus Charlie (release date not specified, 1986 Famicom)
Playstyle: close range attacks and use of objects.

-Most effective aerial combos.
-Use of ball to ricochet projectiles.
-Use of the rope to remain in the air for a short period of time.

-Less effective grip than other characters.
-Ex moves more difficult to perform in front of other characters.
-Not much variety of terrestrial attacks.



-Funny Punch - fast punch that can be landed twice.

-Clown Hands - Grabs the opponent and throws him to the ground, weak and easily dodged.

-Juggler's Kick - Charlie steps forward and delivers a slow but strong kick, used to start combos.

-Ticket Price - Charlie jumps towards the opponent and hits him with a bag of coins.


-Safety ball - Charlie uses the projectile ball by taking it out and punching it so that when it hits the opponent it bounces back.
In the air he can use it to propel himself and give a second hit with the ball.

-Jumping Platform - A strong kick will cause the opponent to land on a jumping platform for extra damage.

-Rope Tamer - Charlie hits with his fists and jumps using his rope to continue causing damage to the opponent, good attack to finish aerial combos.

-Bouncing ball - Charlie uses it to cover himself from projectiles and return the attack along with his ball. 

EX Specials

-EX Juggling - Charlie will proceed to punch and kick his opponent and throw him over him by hitting him and his ball causing double damage up to 8 hits.

-EX Jumping platform - Charlie hits the opponent several times by launching him upwards just by summoning a jumping platform above and
below the opponent causing extra damage.

-EX Rope Catcher - Charlie grabs a thrown opponent in the air causing a rope to catch him and Charlie proceeds to hit him with aerial attacks.

-EX Bouncing Ball - As Charlie distances himself from his opponent, he uses his ball as a projectile and comes closer with a hard hit.

Super Attacks

-Hot Pot (level 1) - If the opponent is too close, it will strike upwards to lift him up and Charlie will put a pot of fire where the opponent will fall,
causing a medium damage attack.

-Herd of Monkeys (level 1) - To get it Charlie must be attacked and this will cause a herd of monkeys to run and start charging at the opponent, medium damage.

-Ultimate Show (level 3) - The opponent will receive a few hits once he is close, then The Lion will come to perform a precise hit that makes our opponent
soar through the air making him cross a ring of fire and end up on a platform. Finally, Charlie will cross the ring of fire,
stomping our opponent and making the platform break.


-Horse (Circus Charlie) (2 hits):

Standing - Will appear quickly running up to do a typical horse back kick. (1 H bar)
Crouching - The horse will approach and from its back the blue monkey will jump and punch (1 H bar).

-Marathon Runner (Hyper Sport) (3 hits)

Standing - The marathon runner quickly approaches and glides across the floor. (1 of the H bar)
Crouching - Runs and jumps with one motion in the air to fall backwards and hurt the opponent. (2 from H-bar)

-Penta (Antartic Adventure) (3 hits)

Standing - Penta will appear with a flag (can be green or pink) and hit the opponent. (1/2 H. bar)
Crouching - Penta will generate an ice hole in the ground that will make the opponent a little dizzy.  (3 H-bar)


2-Original famicom cartridge car cover
3-Blades of Steel: New York Team
4-Road Fighter: Car protagonist
5-Double Dribble: Chicago Team
6-Moai-Kun: Moai protagonist


*SQUISH* At the end of the Definitive Show, the opponent will perform Charlie's death animation by falling on the floor.
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Re: Character Request Topic
New #79  July 02, 2023, 08:28:47 am
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I don’t know if you will see this, but I’ve been thinking about what if Sukapon (from joy mecha fight) was in the game. He could use his moves such as his face copy projectile(Tondeker) his rolling attack his command, grab as well as face throw(Konaniran) is assists could be Honou/flame(also from joy mecha fight) Little Mac (from punch out(obviously) and kung fu guy(from kung fu)
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