Darkzeroprojects Artwork thread (Read 604 times)

Started by darkzero779, November 28, 2011, 03:23:44 PM
Darkzeroprojects Artwork thread
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I wanted to think of posting a thread of my artwork, since i haven't even been on mugen anymore. :(
Im quitting on making mugen projects --; , but that don't mean i stopped my love for it,otherwise i wouldn't be here. ;P

Thought of making this as my sharing of my artwork i never post all of it yet,nor have i added it to my 2nd da account. :-\

  A note for you guys i know here,I realized ive been too hard on myself, and the way i as trying to improve at all
was the reason ive been so tensed, but as much now..
   I do not  expect my stuff to be perfect to somes eyes, just to at least entertain and interest anyone,
     so what im not a pro, they have rooms for improvement as well, so do you....  so hoping this thread is worth your time anyway
  enjoy  :)[/s]

this topic is been inactive ill will do another try unless im told otherwise i can use this again,sorry.
Trying to figure out what to do...
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