Character will not load into mugen character test. (Read 3339 times)

Started by Pizzaking405, June 16, 2020, 03:05:13 AM
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Character will not load into mugen character test.
New #1  June 16, 2020, 03:05:13 AM
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I am in the early stages of making my first character. I have put in all the sprites, animations, and collision boxes, and the .def file but have not editeded the States, Commands, Or Sounds sections. I used the default Kung Fu Man's .def file as the base for my character. If I try to run the current project in Mugen it simply says this error message:

"Library error message: Error in clsn2 in [Begin Action 12] elem 12

Error detected.

Error in Elpizo.air:801
Error loading chars/ff3_0/ff3_0.def
Error loading p1

Clipboard tail:
Gameflow 8
Gameflow 9
Gameflow 10
Gameflow 11
Loading match assets...
Loading stage...
  Loading BG...OK
Stage loaded OK
  Allocating helpers...OK
Match RNG seed: 1449575862
Reset persist vars team 0
Reset persist vars team 1
Loading character chars/ff3_0/ff3_0.def...
  Loading info...OK
  Loading cmd command set Elpizo.cmd...OK
  Loading cns Elpizo.cns...OK
  Loading cmd state entry Elpizo.cmd...OK
  Loading common states common1.cns...OK
  Loading sff Elpizo.sff...OK
  Loading anim Elpizo.air...Character ff3_0.def failed to load"

How do I fix this?
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Re: Character will not load into mugen character test.
#2  June 16, 2020, 10:54:48 AM
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Need to fix up anim 12. Iirc thats crouch to stand. The clsn boxes are "bad" somehow.

Easy fix would be remove all the clsns on the animation and try again. Youll need to put new ones in eventually but this is about making the character run.

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