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Started by Sean Altly, January 10, 2018, 11:41:58 PM
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Gameplay Plans & Discussion
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As far as gameplay goes, the theme of SHADEs 3 is efficiency. What this means is I'm streamlining the gameplay overall, cutting out clutter and redundancy in movesets, and really examining each and every attack and deciding what its uses, strengths and weaknesses are. Admittedly in the past I've put little thought into normals, command normals and target combos. Not this time. Here's a quick breakdown of the general gameplay system of SHADEs 3.

- 4-Button Layout (LP,HP,LK,HK)
- Dedicated button for strategic maneuvers, called the S button (Z by default)
    -Pressing S with no directional input results in Easy Overhead
    -Pressing Fwd+S is a forward evasive roll
    -Back+S is a backward evasive roll
- Dedicated button for Throws (C by default)
- Everyone will have a universal forward and backward throw, something I should have done already for consistency
- 2-Level Super system (a decision I have made recently after the Zenith video I posted)
    -Each character will have one or two L1 Supers and one L2 Super
    -This will allow for a maximum stock of 4 EX moves, like in SFIV
    -Desperation Moves now require less than a quarter total health AND a full Super meter
        -Due to the new requirements DMs will be extremely valuable but not broken
        -All DMs will be performed with the same command for each character, QCF, QCF+S
- Certain characters will have standard chain combos (i.e., L>H), while lighter, quicker characters who deal less damage overall will have
   Darkstalker chains (LK>LP>HK>HP for example)
- Air chain combos will stick around
- Anti-air specials will be unblockable in the air, another thing I should have done already
- The Guard Crush meter will deplete faster, so using your evasive roll to get out of certain situations will be essential
- Everyone will have a Run and a Back Dash/Hop
    -No more attacking during the back hop

Due to the 4 button-layout, chain combos will be shorter for most characters and thus the damage dampener should be less of an issue, but I am playing with the code trying to make sure that Supers in combos will be worth it since they were admittedly pretty worthless before.

Again, the overall idea here to is to tighten everything up. No more bloated movesets with redundant specials, no more command normals that serve no purpose, no more repetitive normal attack animations (like LK and MK being the same animation only slowed down for example).

Feel free to post suggestions, ideas, problems with SHADEs 2 that you want to make sure get addressed, pretty much anything related to general gameplay here. I will be posting a video preview of the most recent build soon.

Here's the video I posted yesterday featuring Zenith and a look at the screenpack so far. Note: This was before I made the decision to drop the Super meter from 3 levels to 2.

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