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Started by interloko, March 21, 2016, 03:43:37 PM
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About the game and its mecanics
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General Description:
This game runs at 60fps with a 800x600 resolution on MUGEN 1.1 using the OpenGL Renderer.

It has the MK Trilogy roster (with a few additions), the UMK3 mechanics and the EX bar from MK9.
It has the arcade Multi level Backgrounds
A custom practice mode
A versus mode where you can play with a single character, a tag team, or an endurance of 2, 3 or 4 characters!. You can play 1 vs 4, tag vs 3 etc.
and more..

Arcade Mode is unfinished (bosses half done) but you can go the entire ladder.
The 4th ladder will be the Challenge Tower (same as MK9)
And in future versions I'll make the Test Your Luck too...

A lot of EX moves are not done and no finishing moves yet.
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Re: About the game and its mecanics
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UMK3 Mecanics:
To be updated

MK 9 Mecanics:
- EX bar:
This bar is divided in 3 sections. You fill it when are get hit, your oponent block your normal attacks (and auto kombos) or perform a special move.

This bar is used for:
- EX Moves:
You can enhance your special moves at a cost of 1 meter.
An EX move may add diferent properties to the standar special move. In some cases gain armour or are faster, inflict more damage, etc.
To perform an EX move you need to add the Block button to your special move command.
Cyrax Net: B,B,LK
EX Net: B,B,LK+Block

- Kombo Breaker:
You can break your oponent kombos at the cost of 2 meters.
Not all moves can be broken, for example you can't break projectiles.
It breaks physical attacks.
To perform a Kombo Breaker you must be getting hit and press F+Block
Remember that a kombo is considered 2+ hits, so you can break from a second hit.

Another mecanic is:
- Toasty Boost:
To get a Toasty Boost you need to perform a secret command (every character has a diferent one) when "Toasty" is on the screen.
Dan "Toasty" Forden will pop up (randomly) after connect an uppercut, a complete auto kombo, or with some special moves.
When you get the Toasty Boost your EX bar is full filled.
Note: It doesn't matter if your enemy get a "Toasty", the first player to input the Toasty Boost command will get it.

New Mecanics:
"Instinct Mode" (not implemented yet). Name may change later.
You can activate your "Instinct Mode" at the cost of 3 bars.
When is activated your EX bar start depleting and will last until this is empty.
"Instinct Mode" properties varies between characters.
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