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Started by Ricepigeon, August 02, 2019, 09:45:04 PM
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New Character: Sumireko Usami
#1  August 02, 2019, 09:45:04 PM
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"Tech-Savvy Psychic Schoolgirl"
Sumireko Usami
Species: Human
Ability: Manipulation of Psychic Power
Sprites courtesy of Pin & Blade

Story: A human from the outside world who is able to enter Gensokyo whenever she dreams. In reality, there are actually two beings who go by the name of Sumireko Usami: her human body in the outside world, and her doppelganger inside Gensokyo, both of whom share the same consciousness. Because she lives in the outside world, she's more knowledgeable about certain things that most residents of Gensokyo wouldn't understand, so when she heard about the black fragments appearing throughout Gensokyo, she was one of the first to identify their true nature. "Whoah, these look like computer chips! What are these doing in Gensokyo? They look kinda old though. Hey, I wonder what kind of data is on them?" She would say to herself. "And they bestow new abilities to whoever holds them? It's almost like a Technical Machine! But how is that even possible? Is this like, some sort of virus?" Unfortunately for Sumireko, she's about to learn just how close to the truth she actually is.

Sumireko wasn't someone I was originally on planning, but thanks to the efforts of both Pin and Blade from MMV, the latter of whom I commissioned to sprite the remaining sprites of Sumireko, she won't appear out-of-place in a visual sense. Most of her zoning capabilities from the source game will remain intact, along with a few new moves owing to the lack of any kind of crouching stance in the source game.



  • Telekinesis - Steel Beam - // (Air OK)
    Sumireko's 8c from AoCF, which throws a steel girder at different angles depending on button press. Pressing X/Y/Z again will cause Sumireko to flip the girder upward before it hits.
  • Urban Psychokinesis - //
    Sumireko's 5c from AoCF, she summons a cyclone of trash around her. Each version summons a different amount of projectiles, but also differs in time before the projectiles are fired. Before being launched, the projectiles can still hit anything near Sumireko.
  • Hydrokinesis - Manhole - //
    Sumireko's 2c from AoCF. Sumireko summons a stationary vertical geyser of water at a predetermined distance away from her, depending on button press.
  • Chain Mail - // (Air Only)
    Sumireko's high j2c from AoCF, which tosses out a spread of envelopes under her, the spread differing depending on button press. Doesn't go very far, but lasts a while before disappearing, and recoils her backward a bit.
  • Telekinesis - Telephone Pole - //
    Sumireko's 4c move from AoCF, Sumireko uses her psychic power to pull down a telephone pole from the opposite side of the stage. Has a bit of startup, and button press determines the delay.
  • Teleportation - or
    Sumireko's Teleport. The directional input will determine which direction Sumireko teleports in. If either or  are held after the initial teleport, Sumireko will immediately perform a second teleport in the respective direction.

Unique Skill:
  • Summon Doppelganger -
    Sumireko's Unique Skill allows her to call her Doppelganger as an Assist, which has its own cooldown gauge.

  • Gun Sign "3D Printer Gun" - , // (Air OK)
    Sumireko pulls out a 3D-printed gun and fires. Despite its appearance, this is actually a long ranged melee attack, but has very limited vertical range.
  • Psychokinesis "Psychokinesis App" - , //
    Sumireko summons an orb projectile made out of trash that slowly moves forward on its own. The orb can be controlled with directional inputs, but will disappear if Sumireko is hit.

Last Word:
  • "See Visions of the Other World's Lunacy!" - , (Air OK)
    Sumireko's Last Word from ULiL/AoCF, a full screen cinematic. Has startup invulnerability, like all Last Words in Incident Zero, so it can be used as a reversal, but has long startup and recovery time to compensate.

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Re: New Character: Sumireko Usami
#2  August 31, 2019, 12:08:00 AM
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Lookin' pretty good. Anything new?
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Re: New Character: Sumireko Usami
#3  September 24, 2019, 04:30:24 PM
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Telekinesis - Telephone Pole, the move everyone hates and loves from ULiL/AoCF. Honestly the hardest part about the telephone pole was synchronizing the hitbox with the actual angle rotation of the graphic while still simulating the hitpause and allowing it to hit multiple times. By having it use an actual hitpause, it would delay certain system related things. That forced me to simulate the hitpause using an intermediary state, but to prevent the animation from advancing, I had to use a changeanim to return to the previous element, but that causes the timing to screw up, so I had to make it so that each element with a hitbox was exactly 1f long, forcing me to split up certain frames. After all was said and done, I realized I could just synchronize the angle rotation with each animation element instead of making it a gradual rotation thats applied every tick, which would require me to do the math manually and use static values and variable assignments, but it was worth it in the end.
Re: New Character: Sumireko Usami
#4  March 20, 2020, 01:46:45 AM
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Sorry I've been neglecting this, but revised the first post to reflect changes that were made to Sumireko since the initial planning phase. Everything listed above will pretty much be her final moveset.