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Started by Ricepigeon, December 11, 2018, 10:15:16 PM
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Touhou IZ Gameplay System (updated 05/22/22)
#1  December 11, 2018, 10:15:16 PM
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The gameplay system borrows a bit of elements from Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded, but adds new ones. Here it is a quick breakdown of IZ's system:

Combos and Chaining
All characters follow a simple cancelling method for attacks:

Normals -> Command Normals -> Specials -> Spellcards/Last Words

In the case of normals, there are two types of chaining depending on the alignment chosen:

Type-α [Power]: Light -> Medium or Light -> Heavy
Type-ß [Speed]: Light -> Medium -> Heavy

Type-α characters can chain Light normals into Medium or Heavy, but never Medium into Heavy. Type-B characters can chain all three strength buttons into each other in order of increased strength.

In the case of Command Normals, any strength Normal can be cancelled into any strength Command Normal, which can be cancelled into either a Special, a Spellcard, or a Last Word.

Damage Proration
All attacks apply a proration value, which reduces the damage of the next attack in a combo by a scalar amount. All attacks, whether they be Normals, Specials, and Spellcards have their own minimum proration values that they cannot go below. All attacks have a minimum proration value of 10% with the exception of Last Words, which have a minimum proration of 50%.

Throws and Throw Escapes
All characters have access to a basic throw, executed using F+Z or B+Z. Holding back will cause them to throw the opponent backwards. Throws can also be performed as part of a combo and can hit opponents in hitstun, but will not make contact against any opponent suffering from blockstun.

If the opponent also presses the throw command just before or after a throw makes contact, they will break out of it, leaving both characters as neutral frame advantage with some distance between them. Opponents have 15f to perform a Throw Escape (indicated by a single "!") unless the throw is done in the middle of a combo, in which case the opponent will have 27f to perform the escape (indicated by a double "!!"). Note that these Throw Escapes cannot be performed if a Throw was done as a counterhit.

In addition, some characters may possess a Command Grab Special or Spellcard which cannot be escaped out of unless done in the middle of a combo, which follows the same rules as a normal throw.

Juggling, Hitstun Decay, and Teching
Touhou: Incident Zero uses a system of hitstun decay that causes moves to inflict reduced hitstun the longer their combos are. Once an opponent leaves hitstun, they may choose to tech into a recovery state by holding any attack button and, optionally, holding a direction to tech in that direction. Note that all Throws, Grabs, Spellcards and Last Words, as well as certain Specials, will cause a Hard Knockdown, which prevents the opponent from teching and forces them to go into the full knockdown animation once they hit the ground.

Defensive Options
- Can Just Defend attacks to negate chip damage and gain Spirit
- Can perform a Guard Cancel with 1000 Power ( B, DB, D + X/Y/Z )

Bombs can be performed during the idle state or a hitstate by pressing X+Y+Z+A (or A+C). This deals no damage, but will cause a wallbounce on the opponent to reset neutral. If the bomb successfully connects, the player will regain 25% of their Bomb gauge, as well as a full 2000 Power. The Bomb gauge will recharge slowly, but recharges at a faster rate when the Player's Life goes below a certain threshold.

Unique Skills
New to Incident Zero, each character has access to their own Unique Skill, which is performed with the A button. These are similar to V-Skills from Street Fighter V or Drives from BlazBlue, and differ between each character.

Spirit Gauge & Alignments
New to Incident Zero, each character must select an Alignment or "Groove" at the beginning of the match, which will bestow them with specific mechanics. These mechanics are usually tied to the character's Spirit Gauge, with the method of how this gauge is filled and used differs between each Alignment.

Alignment Type-α: Power
- All attacks deal 100% of their usual damage.
- Player uses a ground dash.
- Can chain Light normals into Medium or Heavy, but never Medium into Heavy.
- Normals deal unkillable chip damage.
- Uses B button to perform a Crush Attack with 50% Spirit:
-- Crush Attacks causes a knockdown on hit
-- Crush Attacks causes a guard crush if blocked, or a slow fall if airblocked
- Player can access Spell Trance at 100% Spirit for a limited time:
-- Can perform multiple reduced-cost Spellcards.
-- Crush Attacks cost 0% Spirit
-- Using Last Words during Spell Trance will consume all remaining Power and ends Spell Trance on use.

Alignment Type-ß: Speed
- All attacks deal 80% of their usual damage.
- Player uses a forward run instead of a dash.
- Can chain all three strength buttons into each other in order of increased strength.
- Can perform two air dashes instead of one.
- Uses B button to perform a Dash Cancel with 50% Spirit
- Can access Spell Overdrive with 1000 Power for a limited time:
-- Increases walk & run speed by 50%
-- Dash Cancels cost 0% Spirit.
-- Allows all grounded Normals to be Jump Cancelled
-- Hitstun decay is ignored
-- Allows Specials to be cancelled into another Special up to 1 time.
-- All Attacks now have a minimum scaling of 30%
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Re: Touhou IZ Gameplay System (updated 04/15/20)
#2  April 15, 2020, 07:18:26 AM
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Updated the system mechanics to reflect the changes that were recently made in the characters public releases, namely the consolidation of the three Alignments into two new alignments: Type-α and Type-ß.
Re: Touhou IZ Gameplay System (updated 05/22/22)
#3  May 22, 2022, 11:55:55 PM
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So while working on development of Futo, I also took some time into rebalancing some of the system mechanics, as it was fairly clear that the Type-A [Power] alignment had some significant advantages over the Type-B [Speed] alignment that nearly made the latter almost never worth using over the former. These changes seek to rectify that:

  • [System] Type I and Type II chaining is no longer character-dependent, and instead now exclusive to Type-B (Speed) and Type-A (Power), respectively.
  • [System] Type-A (Power) Spirit Gauge now behaves identical to its Type-B (Speed) counterpart.
  • [System] Spirit Gauge no longer increases with forward movement.
  • [System] Last Words can now be performed during both Type-A and Type-B, but now require the user to be at 20% Life or less (except if used during Spell Trance).
  • Bomb: Command changed to X+Y+Z+A (or A+C)
  • Bomb: Can now be done during any alignment. Now has its own gauge separate from the spirit gauge.
  • Bomb: Can now be performed while in hitstun, but cannot be done if hit by grabs or Supers.
  • Crush Attack: Command changed to B (5b), now requires 50% spirit gauge instead of 500 Power.
  • Spell Trance: Power requirement removed.
  • Spell Overdrive: Now requires 100% Spirit instead of 1000 Power.
  • Spell Overdrive: No longer grants medium Normals ability to be cancelled into heavy Normals due to chaining types being merged with alignments.
  • Spell Overdrive: No longer allows Spellcards to be performed for free, now reduces Dash Cancel's Spirit cost to 0%.