Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded FAQ (Read 9748 times)

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Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded FAQ
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What is Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded?
Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded (or THGR for short) is a Touhou based fullgame project that originally stemmed from a compilation known as Touhou RP, that has since gone through various revisions to ultimately become more than just a compilation. While the official Touhou fighters focus on danmaku projectiles and grazing that doesn't mesh very well within a traditional fighting game, Gensokyo Reloaded aims to make this experience more melee oriented, more akin to traditional fighting games that you may be familiar with, unlike that which you might find in Hisoutensoku or Immaterial and Missing Power.

Where can I download the game?
All updates to the game can be found here

Will I be able to extract these characters into my regular M.U.G.E.N?
Yes. In fact, character updates and new additions to the roster will generally be released as independent characters before any updates to the game are made, so you generally won't have do this in the first place. There are a few exceptions, however, namely the non-playable boss characters.

Where can I find a character's movelist?
Character movelists will be found inside each character's readme.txt file inside their character folder. Alternatively, you can also check The Mugen Database for the movelists, as well as in-depth articles on each character, which are generally kept up to date with the most recent versions.

Why are some characters missing voices?
Finding a fitting voice is tough, and these are generally added later on once a suitable voice is found. Of course, we'd be welcome to accept anyone who's willing to provide voices for us as well.

Will you add Suika/Tenshi/Ultra 2hu/<insert character here> into the game?
Characters are generally added to the game depending on several factors, the most important ones being: "do workable sprites of the character exist?" and "Is this character's gameplay unique or interesting?" If a character doesn't fall into these criteria, chances are they probably won't make it. Of course, my own discretion is another factor involved as well.

Where can I find matchmaking for online play?
You can try the THRP Discord Server to get started, as well as any news on future updates and character gameplay videos to help get you started.

Why does this game have no danmaku barrages like the official fighters do?
Throughout MUGEN's history in regards to Touhou characters, I always felt that the danmaku focus of the official Touhou fighters detracted from the appeal of the series in regards to not only the MUGEN community, but fighting game players as well. Thus, when developing the characters for Gensokyo Reloaded, my intent was to cater to two main groups simultaneously: people familiar with Touhou Project, and people familiar with more traditional fighters such as Street Fighter or King of Fighters. My goal was to create a balance between the two (which has been quite difficult, I'm not going to lie) to satisfy both parties.

Will you ever use the new Tasofro-style sprites like those in Hopeless Masquerade & Urban Legend in Limbo?
Most likely not. Not only are these games fairly recent, but also see my comment above on workable sprites. The new style sprites lack of certain crouching sprites and animations simply make them incompatible with what I intend to achieve.
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