Favorite AI vs AI matches to watch? (Read 880 times)

Started by Professor Voodoo, November 28, 2021, 03:54:32 PM
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Favorite AI vs AI matches to watch?
#1  November 28, 2021, 03:54:32 PM
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As it says on the tin. Post your favorite AI vs AI matchups.

Mine is: Jor8a's William Wallace vs Shadow099/TwistedSynapse's S H O W T I M E
Re: Favorite AI vs AI matches to watch?
#2  November 29, 2021, 04:35:15 AM
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Nice question dude. This was kind of difficult because I have a lot of favorite AI matches, both mugen and Saltybet, but I decided on my favorite two, one from mugen and one from Saltybet, along with two runner ups.
Mugen: Ky Kiske( chu-nin ai) Vs Cyclops(KAZ) Rematch from D W
This match is probably my favorite out of all the matches that I requested. A rematch between these two, this time Ky is using the AI patch from chu-nin, this match was intense and getting down to the wire with both Ky and Cy going 2-2. And combine that with Ky's theme from Strive, "Road Of The Spark", as the backgroundusic made for a really cool match between two whitebread goody two-shoes.

Salty Bet: SaltyBet tourney Finals: Frank West Vs. Senna VP from Iwatchanine92
One of my favorite matches in Saltybet. A pretty cool finals in B-tier between the photojournalist who covered wars vs the amnesiac swordsmen of the Wolf Fang Brigade. The best part of this is actually the footsies, with Frank dodging and rolling through Senna's sword swipes and taking advantage of her weakspots to level up and increase his damage, while Senna uses her superior speed to overwhelm Frank and limit his movement.

Mugen: Spiderman vs Ruby Rose from Dyliokhan
This match was the first matchup that I ever requested. It was cool to see Spidey and Ruby swing and dashes across the stage, trying to take control of the flow of the battle. Also the meme match that was placed before the actual match was pretty nice and funny.

Saltybet: SaltyBet tourney quarter-finals: Kamui(Arrange) Vs. Shadow Diavolo from Iwatchanine92
This matchup came from a tourney that was made by Iwatchanine92 himself. The best part of this match was when King Crimsons' karate chop syncs with up music,  which is "Violent Death" by EVOGA from Rage Of The Dragons.

SaltyBet Highlight - S-Tier Tournament Finals - Riesbyfe stridberg vs Rei EX (w/ chat) from Hakkar6993
This was the match that got me into Saltybet. Whether it be the disrespect that happens when the betting started, the comeback by Rei at the 4th round or just the hilarious nonsense coming from the chat, this was the match that showed me how cool the concept of two AIs going at each other can be.
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Re: Favorite AI vs AI matches to watch?
#3  November 29, 2021, 12:12:38 PM
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Dude, these all rock! Rei vs Riesbyfe was nuts!