Involvement-Free Nostalgia (Read 1217 times)

Started by jo19sh92, November 19, 2021, 12:08:35 PM
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Involvement-Free Nostalgia
#1  November 19, 2021, 12:08:35 PM
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So, I grew up watching a LOT of TV, and believe me, if I wasn't watching TV, I was playing video games or finding any other reason to never go outside. That said though, there have always been times in my life, and even to this day, where I will become nostalgic about something, despite having never seen, heard, or had any interaction with whatever this thing may be.

What about you? Are there any films, songs, TV shows, foods, toys, or other various items and things in this world, that you are nostalgic towards, despite not knowing anything about them, having no interaction with them, never having actually played with/seen/heard them, or any other involvement-free accounts of these things?

For me, I can name off quite a few TV shows (including some anime ones), that I have an absolute nostalgic trip for, and yet... I've never seen a single one of these, but I do however know the theme song and have heard it so many times, it just always stuck with me, such as:

Never seen the show, never even watched a full episode, and yet, this theme song, I remember word for word.

Another one of the 4Kids dubs that I never watched and still haven't even seen one episode of, but goddamn this theme was amazing.

Something that my family used to watch often, ended up hearing it so much, the theme just stuck with me.

Back in the day, my sister was obsessed with watching this damn show, and now I'm stuck with this song in my head for the rest of my life.

Never owned these toys, never played with them, only saw this commercial, and every time someone goes "hey, what is a toy you always wish you could have?" this was it. I dunno why, but man, every time I see stickman characters with good animation, immediately I think of this. Also this is what got me into liking Mr. Game & Watch games and the character himself.

What about y'all?
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Re: Involvement-Free Nostalgia
#2  November 21, 2021, 03:05:55 AM
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Kite, I live in 3rd world country, back in the 80s in my elementary school days, my grandpa taught me how to make a kite from 2 strands pulled from a bamboo garden broom, a thick  cotton thread the kind used for sewing kapok matress, tapioka glue, and laminated paper , he taught me how to weigh it, how much tension for the thread to keep the frame strong and balanced, and how to glass the rest of thread to be able to chew through other kite thread to win... I listened to him and then.. I didn't even able to fly the kite, I never learned how to fly it, they are supposedly played from the rooftop, but I have phobia for height and I don't dare to climb tree let alone our rooftop, in our neighborhood there are lots of telephone and electricity cables so unless I'm standing on top of our rooftop or  playing on a vacant lot with a friend to hold the kite , and a space to run back to let the kite takes of, it will never fly...  but the sweet memory remains.

door to door cookingpot repairman, in the old days around the same era up to late 90s, we used enameled steel cooking pot, so once the enamel cracked, rust would penetrate the steel thus in time making a dark spot and finally a hole,  so there were travelling repairman who would resharpen kitchen knives, and scissors, and also patching these leaking cooking pots by soldering, I remember them, they are gone, we use modern ceramic, or stainless steel cooking pot now, and ceramic knives or serrated knives that remains sharp, and we can buy sharpening tool everywhere.

door to door betamax video rentalguy, in the 80s my parent rented betamax videos kungfu soap for them and japanese robot anime for me (God Sigma, Voltes V, Jeeg, and the likes) from door to door video rental guy, he brought a heavy backpack full with video cassetes he came every week to collect and offer to rent the next episode, I forgot when exactly this era ended, I think about the same time we had multiple TV channels on my TV in the early 90s, where we can watch cartoon like GI JOE, MASK, etc as well as soaps and kungfu soaps on TV so we stopped renting videos.