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ProjCancelTime (Triggers)
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This trigger takes an required nonnegative ID number as an argument. If the player's last projectile to make any kind of contact was cancelled by an opponent's projectile and had the specified ID number, then ProjCancelTime returns the number of ticks since that contact occurred. If the specified ID number is 0, then the projectile ID is not checked. If no projectile meets all the above conditions, then ProjCancelTime returns -1.


Expression evaluating to a nonnegative ID number (int).

Return type:

Error conditions:
Returns bottom if exprn evaluates to bottom. If a negative ID is specified, then the ID defaults to zero.

1. trigger1 = ProjCancelTime(1234) = 1
  Triggers if a projectile with ID 1234 was just cancelled by an
  opponent's projectile.
2. trigger1 = ProjCancelTime(0) != -1 && ProjCancelTime(0) < 15
  Triggers if any of the player's projectiles were cancelled
  within last 15 ticks.

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