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Started by Valodim, August 26, 2007, 07:18:04 pm
Membergroups & staff members
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In no particular order


People who donated a dollar or two to help Valodim pay for the server and bandwidth.


Users who have more actively contributed something to the MUGEN community than people who just download stuff and play all day (not that there's anything wrong with users who just want to play!).

CotM Winner

Winner of the Character of the Month contest. Wear it proudly!

CotY Winner

Winner of the Character of the Year contest. Wear it proudly!

SotQ Winner

Winner of the Stage of the Quarter contest. Wear it proudly!

MFG Network Member

Members of the network associated to this forum. Basically, all those listed on the front page.


Staff members who are overlooking specific boards. This star only appears in those boards:

For the Full Game Development boards, please check that section for each board's moderators.

Global Moderator

Forum-wide moderation is their job:

MUGENGuild Founder

This star is exclusive to one person, quite obviously the man who founded the original MUGEN Guild website back in 2001: Nunor. Just a small token of respect. ;)


Lording over everything:
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